No Maternity Leave‽

As you may know Ted is due in January 2017 and I run a pub full time, I work minimum 40 hours a week, minimum 5 days. 

If you’ve followed me for a while you might also know that after 12 years at my previous Momma Boss job, I was made redundant. 

So this means I wasn’t with my employer for 26 weeks when I was 15 weeks pregnant so I’m not ‘entitled’ to any pay. That’s right, zero pay!  Read more

Mental Health: An Overlooked Factor in Miscarriage?

Before I start I must state that I am not a medical professional, this post is my opinion based on my personal research. However, I have emailed a miscarriage researcher on this subject and they did not dismiss my ideas, I was told that they would discuss it with colleagues.

Nor is this post intended to bring detriment to any corporation, it’s an account of my personal experience to raise awareness and encourage women to speak up. I do not mention any employers anywhere in this blog or on my social media, nor do I go by my actual name on blog social media so any connection made is purely coincidental. Read more

Growing up too fast?!

I have written a few draft blogs lately and decided not to publish because most of them start with, “I don’t fit in with other moms.” My attitude to motherhood seems to be out there in a minority.

I’m going to be brave and write about something that I don’t agree with as it as been back to school week and I’ve seen this catchphrase a lot lately, “My babies are growing up too fast!” Sob! Read more

Our Mini Adventure!

I haven’t written much for the past few months, simply because me and Dave both have new full time jobs so I just don’t really have time to sit and write for ages! We work opposite hours and look after Ollie between us and my mom usually has Ollie at least one day per week and my sister has helped out during the school holidays too.

Read more

Momma Knows Best!

I seriously think that when studying for a medical degree, there should be a compulsory module called, ‘Momma Knows Best’. It is basically to teach all trainee doctors that if a mother tells you that there is something wrong with their kid, you pay attention and find out what it is! The whole module would include case studies where doctors were wrong and momma’s were right. Read more