10 Things That Make Me Happy!

I was tagged by Becky at Mommy and Rory to write a 10 things that make me happy post.  (Check out her post it has topless Ryan Gosling in it…)


I’m going to be materialistic and actually pick 10 things!  So I’m not going to say my boys or hubby, these are my things…

1. Shoes.

I bloody love shoes.  When I was 17 I worked as a Stockroom Assistant in Barratts and it all started there, I used to try all the shoes on and hide my favourites and wait until they were in the sale to buy them.  At one stage I had about 150 pairs of shoes.  It’s a bit less now, maybe 60-80 – I haven’t counted them for a while.  Before we had Ted my shoe cupboard was in the spare room so when I got pregnant and we knew Ted would be having the spare room, my hubby built a walk in wardrobe in our room so my shoes actually have their own room now.  My pride and joy are my 80s girl Jimmy Choo’s, they have a special meaning.

The shoe room.
The dream shoes! Manolo Campari new dot.

2.  Dancing.

In my big shoes!  I love heels and when I used to go dancing in nightclubs in my younger years I would always #CommittotheShoe you’re not allowed to take your shoes off.  I love actually going to dance class too, I go to ballet once a week and love anything dance related.  I love Strictly, watching old Hollywood musicals and going to the theatre.   I recently met some of the Birmingham Royal Ballet pro’s! Celine Gittens did at least 41 foutee turns, maybe 50.  If I could have any job in the world, I’d be a Rockette! I can get my leg on their barre so I’m in.

The Rockettes barre in NYC!


3.  The beach.

I’m born and bred in Birmingham so going to the beach was always a big deal when I was a kid.  It is still a big deal now.  If I’m in a mood going to the beach will cheer me up every time.  Luckily me and Dave are both quite spontaneous and carefree so in the past month we’ve been to Blackpool and Weston just random little trips!


4.  80s music.

I wake up in a good mood most days, I put this down to the fact that my alarm is a DAB radio playing an 80s only station.  I spent 12 years working in retro bars because I love the music so much.  I don’t even know why I am so 80s obsessed, I’ve never been into modern day music and genuinely couldn’t tell you a chart song from today. Shall I watch Top of the Pops? Haha!


5.  Extreme weather.

I like snow or boiling hot.  I can’t stand this in between crap we have in Britain where you go out in Uggs and a coat and sweat all day or flip flops and they get washed away in the rain.  I love scorching Dubai style, hot air or freezing snowy cold.


6.  Good cocktails.

Me and my hubby are annoying pretentious twats when it comes to bars.  I do appreciate a good cocktail and it takes a lot more skill than most people think!  The other day somebody served my hubby’s Negroni shaken.  Shaken.  Give that a minute to sink in.  And when I started my job the cocktail menu had a Cosmo on it with orange juice, served long on ice.  Really? Just no.  We like a good cocktail.  It makes us happy to be served a decent drink.  Employees Only in New York was very good, The Waldorf in Edinburgh very good, Flippy at Harrahs in Las Vegas – best bartender in the world.  See how far we have to go to be satisfied with our drinks… Haha!  Check out BartenderHQ for more cocktail tales and our bar hopping adventures, that’s my hubby’s website/ blog.

We like to take pretentious cocktails photos too…
Not our finest cocktails here.

7.  Productive bars.

Following on from the cocktails, it pleases me to see a productive bar whether thats staff working well or a good speed rail and NO OPTICS!  When I’m sitting at a bar I lean over and look at what’s going on underneath the counter… such a nause when it comes to bars.  Hubby is worse than me though.


8.  Cake.

I just love a bit of cake, I’m just one of those people that love a bit of cake… I looovvveee the cake! (Remember that scene in Little Britain.) I do love cake.  Red Velvet will make me very happy.  Cheap Greggs cakes, posh London boutique cupcakes, homemade Ollie cakes, any cake = happy!

9.  Holidays.


I strongly believe that everyone should have at least 2 holidays per year.  British holidays or abroad but everyone needs to get away from time to time.  We have loads of mini adventures and have a Spain holiday booked for September and Disneyland Paris for Ted’s birthday in January!  Gotta have stuff to look forward to in life.  I love travelling and I really want Ollie and Ted to love it too.  One day I’ll own a campervan and every weekend will be a holiday.

Cliche InstaCrap!
About 20 weeks preggo on last summer holiday!

10.  TV.


I love binge watching TV.  When I was on maternity leave with Ollie I watched all 3 series of Dance Academy before Ollie was born, then I got obsessed with House (Ollie loved the theme tune) and The Mentalist. I love all the typical American sitcoms (Havvveee you met Ted?) and my favourite soaps are Neighbours and Home and Away, I love binge watching the old episodes on YouTube.  Me and Dave watch everything, I dunno how we find time but we do.  We love all the superhero series and currently obsessing over Arrested Development – hilarious!

We love TV so much our wedding was HIMYM themed. Ollie was named after Oliver Queen – Arrow and Ted after HIMYM Ted!