Abusing Parent and Baby Spaces…

You might remember how funny I find rants about parent and baby spaces.  We don’t need them.  I’m sorry parents but if you think about it, we really don’t.  It’s such a first world problem.  Boo hoo, poor me I can’t park my own car in a wider bay closer to the supermarket where I’m going to go and waste loads of money on impulse buys because the bakery smells so good and then waste loads of food once it’s gone stale.  It’s such a non-issue in the world that I can’t take it seriously, I find it hilarious that people get so irate over these spaces.  Sorry if that offends you but it’s my opinion.

I was laughing to myself the other day because I thought, I bet it’s the mothers that abuse them anyway.  Be honest, if you go to the supermarket on your own, you’re still a parent right?  The car seat is in the back.  Doesn’t that make you more eligible for the nice wide, closer spaces than random suit guy who clearly doesn’t have kids in his two seater convertible or little old lady who obviously went through menopause 40 years ago.  Be honest… Have you parked there when you’re kids aren’t with you?


Well, I was a naughty abuser the other day.  I went shopping at about 9.30pm, the car park was completely dead.  There were loads of spaces, a variety of spaces! I could have been anybody and nobody would have been disadvantaged.  Electric car lady?  Sure why not!  Blue badge holder? Well all the spaces are free so I wouldn’t inconvenience anybody to take up one space would I!  I decided to keep it real and be Mommy.  I am a mommy and I had a car seat in the back so shoot me for being so rude and disrespectful to the queue of mothers waiting to park in their spots, struggling with their 3 under 3 while I casually strolled the shorter distance to the shop… Oh wait that didn’t happen because there were no mothers with babies at that time!  So I wasn’t really abusing the spaces was I?

Although I’m writing this entirely in jest, the point is… We’re not really entitled to any sort of special space are we? With all the 24 hour stores in the world, at what point are we just parking our car and at what point do we become disrespectful c@*ts?  I really don’t think anybody could genuinely complain about suit guy or little old lady parking in our spaces at 10pm.  They’re not anybody’s space, they’re an added convenience if they’re available and if they’re all full and it genuinely drives you nuts that people abuse the space, you remember what I’m going to say… Shop online! Hahaha!

Life with Baby Kicks
  • Tori Gabriel

    People bitch and complain about these spaces and mothers all claim “it’s not because they are nearer, it’s the extra space” but if you put these spaces at the other end of the carpark I wonder how many would use them?

    • Laura Powell-Corbett

      I would……my parking is atrocious!

  • MommaBoss

    It’s just funny because we don’t need extra space! If I can get out, a baby seat can and if I can’t I need to learn how to park! Haha!

  • oldpoyntz

    ooh I’m someone who doesn’t like non-parents in the parent & child spaces.. BUT I agree in the evening, whose out shopping with their kids anyway? I have to say, I never park in them if I don’t have kids with me and my kids are of an age where I don’t really need them now. The problem I have is with the youngest flinging the door open to get out and bashing the car next to me in a regular space.
    If you can get one of those newborn baby carry seats out of the car whilst parked in a regular space, you need to vlog how to do it for the rest of us who have struggled! lol

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    Oooh controversial Jo 🙂 we don’t have parent-child spaces in Dubai and it infuriates me when someone parks so close to me I can’t get my car seat in and out the car. But that’s bad parking not a parenting problem.

    • MommaBoss

      Exactly! I always prefer to park on the ends with or without Ollie because you never know what idiot might park next to you!