I haven’t blogged much lately, I wrote a few updates when Ted was diagnosed and keep meaning to write more but I have a lot of controversial opinions so often talk myself out of writing! So when I heard about the #AceWinterRefresh I thought it would be a good way for me to start writing again!

I wrote about Ace a while ago with the school challenge when Ollie started school. I’ve used it ever since and honestly I’m not just saying that, every single white wash I use Ace and I’ve started using it in all washes because I love the smell.  It really does keep whites bright and has rescued a few things that I’d previously ruined too!

This challenge was to write about a winter refresh so instead of writing about the kids, I’m writing about my wardrobe.  My hubby built my wardrobe before Ted was born as I’d previously had the built in cupboard in Ted’s room as my shoe cupboard so I needed a new room.

I love it and it has 80s decorations in there (a giant Madonna!) but I’m not very good at keeping it tidy so this was good motivation to sort my messy shoe room out!

So this is the before photos…

Yeh, it’s pretty bad!

This is how I sort out mounds of clothes and winter refresh;

  • What do you actually wear? I mostly wear dance clothes, leggings and long vests! So I now have two draws for dance clothes and storage for dance shoes.  I used to use those black shoe hangers to store all sorts of rubbish but now one is only dance shoes and the other one is summer shoes.
  • Be firm but still have heart.  Every few months I’ll throw away at least a black bag full out of my wardrobe and I’ve learnt to be strict and get rid of things that I’m never going to wear or I don’t really like wearing but certain things I just have to keep because they are part of me.  Namely, the shoe wall.  Every time I try to sort my shoes out I decide I have to keep them because even though I don’t really go out anywhere that requires a vast collection of 4inch heels, they’re a story.  Every single pair takes me back to an event or person any they make me happy so I’m keeping them.
  • Have faith.  Haha! Yes I can throw away things that no longer fit but I really want this one skinny outfit to fit me one day so I can never throw it away.  It’s only black trousers and a crop top but I used to love them so I’m having faith that I will wear it again.
  • Fold things up! I’m not good at hanging everything.  I tried to have all tops hanging and all bottoms folded but now I’ve added an extra set of draws and the only stuff hanging is dresses and formal stuff. So much easier to keep tidy.
  • Label storage areas.  I have written on every draw what goes in there.  It helps keep things organised and then hubby can put my stuff away too instead of leaving my stuff because its too complicated! (I always put his away!)
  • Vacuum pack.  When the seasons change I put seasonal stuff on the top vacuum packed in boxes so they stay fresh.  I love how much space it saves too, in the summer I squash so many hoodies into one box!

The brand-new ACE for Colours Powder reinvigorates clothes, using stain-removing powers and bringing coloured garments back to life. It is so good for refreshing clothes you haven’t worn for a while so great when you reorganise your clothes for the change of weather.

This is after I tidied up, about three days later! Yes I have disco lights in there.


This post is an entry for the BritMums #ACEWinterRefresh Challenge, sponsored by ACE for Colours Powder. Get help for all kinds of stains with the ACE Stain Helperhttp://www.acecleanuk.co.uk/ and pick up the range at your nearest Morrison’s store or buy online on Amazon.