Am I Too Old For a Crop Top? 

I’m 30 next month and last night I went out wearing… A crop top! The moral of this story is, there’s always a bigger picture. Everyone has a story. If we’re honest with ourselves I probably am too fat to be going out in public wearing a crop top. Not too old. I don’t think there is an age restriction on feeling good about yourself. If I feel good when I’m 40, I’ll wear a crop top. Sorry 11 year old Ollie, I’m going to be that mom. 

Here’s the behind the scenes that led up to my crop top wearing decision.

The last time I got drunk was August 2013. The time before that was the previous New Years Eve. Needless to say, I’m not a big drinker. The main reason I haven’t been drunk for 27 months is because I’ve had 2 periods in that time and 3 pregnancies. If you’ve been following my story you’ll know that I only have one baby and the other two were miscarriages.

As you can imagine my body has been up and down. Up until getting pregnant I was always skinny. Crop tops were a regular thing for me. I was size 10 when I got pregnant with Ollie. After Ollie it wasn’t simple to lose my baby weight because my stomach was massively swollen due to a c section infection. I put on weight two days after giving birth!

Then 3 months later I was pregnant again. Miscarried in December and took ages for my body to calm down, my next period was April and I got pregnant after that. I had a big bump for Stevie so after having a second trimester miscarriage my bump didn’t just completely disappear! So after all that I still have a little bulge. I’m not going to beat myself up over it. It’s only been almost two months since I miscarried.

So, at work all the managers were invited on a night out. Free bar. Remember I haven’t been drunk for over two years so I knew it wasn’t going to be the smartest idea but I went out!

Due to the previous size 10 flat stomach, all of my going out clothes are tight! They look good on skinny people, not so much on me. I’m pleased to report that there was only one dress that wouldn’t actually go on. The rest went on but I wasn’t happy with the unneccesary bump!


My pile of evil dresses that have turned against me!

There was only one outfit that I had that would cover it, a tulip skirt. The skirt that I just so happened to wear in 2013 on my last night out. I decided if that outfit still fitted after 3 pregnancies and an severe infection, I was bloody well wearing it.

It did actually fit. The skirt is a size 12 so that helped but the top, the crop top, is a size 10 and that still fitted too so that’s how I went out in public nearly 30 years old!

The moral of the story is, it’s easy to be out and look and people and make comments such as, “She’s too fat/ old for that!” But you don’t know the full story. And when there is a story that person is probably really happy with their outfit after an unsuccessful afternoon trying everything on! Basically… Leave people alone and wear what the hell you want.

And just incase you’re wondering I was ridiculously drunk and threw up three times. I told two female colleagues that they’re beautiful and told a few people my story about the reason behind the crop top…


Dave thought he was funny taking pictures of me when I got in!

Let’s just hope they all took advantage of the free bar too and don’t remember me! Haha!

So am I too old for a crop top?


  • Tori Gabriel

    Oh my God! You rocked it! I haven’t worn a crop top since I was 15 and I didn’t look as good then as you do now! Also loved the Ollie photobomb.

    • MommaBoss

      I love the Ollie photo bomb too! 🙂 so cute. I have loved crop tops ever since my year 6 Sporty Spice talent show performance. Haha!

  • SingleSuperMummy

    As long as you feel comfy I say go for it and it’s a cute outfit, high waisted is always a good option. I live in mini skirts and shorts (even in the winter time) and I’m past 30 and I too will be that mum in my 40s/50s with my bright green hair, rocker/goth boots and bodycon dresses. As long as u like what you’re wearing and the clothes fit and you feel confident in them that’s all that matters 🙂