Escaping the Terrible Twos!

Ollie turned 3 last Monday and I’m brave enough to say this even though I will possibly get trolled over it… we escaped the terrible twos!  At no point over the past year have I felt victim to the terrible twos and I predict that I won’t experience the threenager either.

I’m not going to sit here and claim my toddler never had a strop, pretty much every time he had to leave Nanny’s he had a strop.  Every time he saw a cake in a shop and I didn’t buy it he had a meltdown.  But terrible twos?  No.

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Epic Edinburgh Adventure!

Epic Edinburgh Adventure!

I recently wrote about graduating at the age of 31, to attend my graduation we drove to Edinburgh from Birmingham so here is a summary of our travels.  My hubby drove for over 10 hours in total, he is the best! He always encourages my crazy adventures, I wrote all about him a couple of weeks ago, if you want to be nosy it’s this post! 

Dave booked the Thursday and Friday off work and our trip was Thursday to Saturday.  We set off on Thursday morning and our first stop was pretty boring, just a service station for toilet break and a cake stop (Ollie’s idea!) Ollie was really happy because we found a Swashbuckle magazine so he was a pirate with jewels.   Read more