Autumn Love! Top 5 Autumn Activities.

As I mentioned yesterday I’m taking part in Blogtober so today I’m going to write about Autumn!  I’ve always loved extreme weathers, I like really hot or snow but last year I had a new found love for Autumn so I’m hoping I feel the same this year.

Last year was the first year I wasn’t running a nightclub so I think that helped because I was able to give myself different shifts so that I had time off to take Ollie to the farm and to go to my sisters house for bonfire night. I was pregnant too which I think helped me enjoy Autumn last year, little rainbow Ted is very special.

So these are some things we did last year and a little Autumn wishlist for this year’s activities…

The Farm.

We really love animals in our family so the farm is always a fun day out.  It’s lovely in the Spring with all the little newborn animals but it is so nice in Autumn too when it’s cold but not freezing and still fun to play outside in the leaves! And they usually have fun activities like pumpkin carving or Halloween themed hunts.

We went to Umberslade Farm last year but I also really love Hatton Farm.  We live in south Birmingham so we’re really close to some lovely countryside areas and lovely places to go on little muddy walks.

The Mop.

It’s today! I’m gutted that I didn’t think of the Mop when we booked our holiday! It’s a little pop up funfair in Birmingham and it’s been going for decades.  It is always on the first Monday in October.  Funfact: It’s called the  Mop because it used to be a jobs fair, you’d take your ‘prop’ so people could select you for work.  So cleaners would take a mop!

Ollie had fun on the rides last year with his cousin Tom.  Next year little Ted might be ok to go on a little ride with Ollie.  No holidays next year!

Ollie’s first mop!

Bonfire parties.

My older sister always has a bonfire party but I don’t usually go because I’m always working, last year was the first time I went and I should be safe to go this year too!

It’s a lovely atmosphere sitting in the garden with blankets and coats on.

Halloween fun.

I was always working on Halloween as well which is always a massive night out in pubs and clubs so it will be nice to not be working this year.  I doubt we’ll do much for it, I might watch a scary film when the boys are in bed!

Ollie hates costumes so he’s not really into Halloween, last year he just wore a Paw Patrol halloween t-shirt! He does like arts and crafts though so I’ll get some fun activities for him to do.  He hated costumes even when he was too little to understand, he was ok as baby skeleton but he hated that pumpkin outfit!


This is the ultimate Autumnal adventure!  I hope we can find a couple of days to go to Blackpool, I often talk about how it is my favourite place but it’s even more special when the illuminations are on.  Me and Dave drove to Blackpool a few years ago in my little MGF and I’d always told him I had this stupid bucket list wishlist to drive down Blackpool prom, under the illuminations, in a convertible.

As we got into Blackpool, it started to rain.  We absolutely did not care and whipped that roof down! One thing crossed off the list.  Now I want Ollie and Ted to see the illuminations.  I think they’d both love it.  Ollie would say, “ooohhh” or “wooowww” in his little sarcastic sounding tone but it’s genuine!

That was the best car ever!