Baker Days Cake!

One of the good things about blogging is getting to work with brands and companies and tryout some new products.

I generally only accept offers for baby products as I like relevant reviews. However, with Fathers Day coming up this was perfect timing and so I was happy to work with Baker Days for this post! I also love baking! I have loads of ideas on my little Pinterest board and hopefully one day I’ll get round to making them all. 

I’m a caker! My nephew made that word up to describe me because he said I’m a baker that only makes cakes. 

So this week, Dave has had an early Fathers Day present. You can pick any cake from their website and they personalise it and send it out in a lovely little tin with a card, candle and balloons. It’s really nicely presented.

 baker days cake 

I chose the Super Ted design because Dave loves superhero movies and TV!

 fathers day cake 

We all shared the cake and it was really nice! We had chocolate but there are six options including gluten free and diary free so what a great gift for someone with dietry requirements. 


Ollie loved it so much… He cried when it was all gone.

baker days cake

Then we discovered a little secret, he’d smuggled some cake! When he realised we’d finished then cake, he stopped crying and tucked into his secret stash!

Cheeky boy!


Overall, very pleased with the cake. It is a great gift for all occasions. Check out Baker Days!