The Best Holiday Photo – with Holiday Gems!

I’ve teamed up with Holiday Gems to take part in a campaign about my best holiday photo.  I was asked to create a post based on my best holiday photo.

I love holidays, I try to go on at least two holidays per year and many UK adventures in between so I have a lot of options to pick from…

Honeymoon in Vegas?

Riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge?

When I won a trip to Magaluf with work?


I travelled around a fair bit so I have a few options to choose from.

But the best holiday photo is this one…

It isn’t the most artistic or scenic of holiday photos but it has a sad story and special meaning behind it.

I often say I need a holiday, it’s a phrase most people use.  They really need a holiday.  Can’t wait to have time off work, time in a nice hot country, adventures, uninterrupted family time. When we went to Disneyland Paris in October 2015 I understood what it meant to really need a holiday and to truly want to escape and run away.  We’d booked it almost a year in advance and never anticipated that we would have been in that situation by the time the holiday came round.

It was a few weeks after I’d miscarried and I look like such a scruff in the photos, I was still chubby and my hair was a mess but it didn’t matter because we needed to get away and be somewhere where nobody knew us or asked awkward questions and what better place to be than one of the happiest places on earth! Disneyland really is magical and it was magical for us by giving us some much needed relief from our stress at the time.

There is also another meaning behind it, “Dance like nobody is watching!” Which really means don’t care what anybody else thinks of you and supports one of my life mottos ‘ Got to keep on dancing, keep on dancing…’ Me and Ollie had been dancing in front of the castle before and after this was taken. My hubby was low down on the floor to capture Ollie and he looks so happy, we didn’t care if anybody was watching we were having fun dancing!

I’ve loved all of my adventures but this one was extra special because we appreciated the break so much.