The Best Toddler Bed!

Of all the things I’ve purchased during my three years of motherhood, Ollies most recent non toddler bed is up there at the top! I can’t think of many other things that have genuinely made life easier.

Ollie had a toddler bed when he was 18 months but we kept the cot in the room to help him adjust and around 20 months he started launching himself out of the cot so we made more effort to make the toddler bed his proper bed.

He went through various stages with it. Sleeping well through the night, sleeping in there and coming through to us and hating it and fighting us every bedtime refusing to get in.

He also had a sofa bed in his room and probably just before Ted was born he took a liking to it and kept choosing to sleep on there.

toddler bed
Ollie’s old room.

New brother, new bed!

When Ted was born Dave slept in there a few times because I was up with Ted through the night and it meant minimal disruption for everyone.

Even when Dave wasn’t in there Ollie wanted to sleep on the sofa bed so we just had a toddler bed unused and a sofa bed in and out everyday or left out looking a mess filling up the room.

So we decided to buy Ollie a double bed. We were unsure at first wondering if it’s stupid to put a toddler in a double bed so we just got the cheapest IKEA bed in case we didn’t like the idea or if Ollie hated it but it was the best thing we ever did! I kept his old mattress as a bounce pad in case he fell out but he didn’t really need it and it’s part of his den now instead!

You can even get double Paw Patrol bedding!

Ollie’s new room! Recycled the old bed to make a den on one side and little bench on the other side.

Ollie looks like a little king when he’s in bed.

I highly recommend double beds for toddlers.

These are the benefits we’ve found so far…

  • You’ve got a spare room. If we had visitors we could sleep in Ollies room and give up our bed.
  • Bigger surface area to get your kid to bed! 😄 They’re in bed even if they’re jumping and rolling around! They only need to stop somewhere within that large surface area!
  • Family bedtime is easier. If I’m doing a solo bedtime routine I lie in the bed feeding Ted on one side and cuddling Ollie on the other side. They will usually both fall asleep so I only have to put Ted in bed and it’s all calm and settled.
  • Co-sleep is easy. If Ollie wakes up in the middle of the night instead of letting him in with us Dave goes in with Ollie. Then if Ted ends up in with me we’re not all squashed and kicking each other.
  • Or if they’re unsettled for whatever reason you can choose to stay with them. Ollie was ill recently so I slept in his room for a couple of nights. I wouldn’t have been relaxed in the other room but I was still in a proper bed.
  • If you do that old pretend to be asleep to get your kid to sleep and wake up 3 hours later, it’s ok! You wake up cosy and actually rested. Unlike the old cot days when I’d wake up with a stiff neck half on a bean bag and freezing cold!
  • It’s an adventure playground! Ollie loves his room, he plays on his own for ages and I’ll often find him under the bed or making slides off the bed (with the old toddler bed mattress!)
Enough space for a bro!

Since we’ve had this bed Ollie goes to bed with very little drama and sleeps through most nights now, I think he didn’t like his bed before but he loves this and so do we!

If you’re having sleepless nights or a fussy toddler at bedtimes… get a double bed!

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  • Helen

    What a great idea, I have to admit I never thought about getting a double for the kids! Saves money in the long run too. Thanks for linking up to #BloggersBests