Blogtober! I’m attempting to take part.

It is Sunday 1st October 2017 and I’m going to attempt to take part in #Blogtober.  It’s basically a bloggers challenge to write everyday for a month.  I think there used to be themes and guidelines but now I think it is just write whatever the hell you want.


So I’m kind of cheating for day one and writing an intro to Blogtober post.

I’m going to create my own little themes each week to help me come up with ideas.


Week 1.

Ollie and Ted.

Updates on their progress and what they’re up to.  I used to share loads of Ollie updates but I haven’t written much about Ted so I’ll share some updates on little Ted.

Week 2.


We’ll be back from our holiday so I should have some good ideas or at least lots of cute pictures to share. I love holidays so I’m sure I’ll be able to think of some other holiday related posts too!

Week 3.

Parenting politics.

I write a lot of ‘controversial’ stuff but I never end up publishing it because people are offended too easily, I’m going to use Blogtober as an excuse to publish! Some topics I normally avoid are co-sleeping and SAHMs… Blogtober is going to inspire me to publish.

Week 4.

Tales from the Crypt MommaBoss.

As this will be the countdown to Halloween, I’m going to write Tales from MommaBoss.  I have so many stories from all my years of running nightclubs and Halloween seems like a fun time to share some horror stories.  #SpoilerAlert – people are disgusting when they’re drunk!

One from the archives. Me dressed as Magenta on Halloween! This was my first nightclub Halloween actually, I’m only 18 here!

I’ll be tweeting links to my posts and sharing on Facebook so if you’re interested in my random thoughts and stories follow me @MommaBossBlog and MommaBossUK

Any fellow bloggers attempting Blogtober?  Have you been organised and written all of your posts already? Drop me a tweet or comment and we can support each other!