Building a Baby Bathroom.

Ollie was 3 in July and has understood toilet training for quite some time now.  When he was 14 months he used to pull his own pants up.  He has done weeks on the toilet for months but not every time.  We’ve had a three barriers with Ollie that have slowed down his fully trained status.

  1. He hates pants.  I’ve bought Ollie little Paw Patrol pants hoping to convince him but he just says, “No mom, this wee wee” and points to his pull ups or ‘Where’s nappy?” If I put them on him he just takes them off.
  2. He hates the potty.  I understand where he is coming from with this because he’s never seen anybody wee on a potty, he sees us wee on the toilet and now we expect him to wee in a bowl?  No thanks mom.  So having a potty downstairs is just an unnecessary ornament because he doesn’t use it.
  3. Speech delay.  I don’t write much about this but Ollie has delayed speech which is so much better since he had grommets but it has created a barrier in his development.  The problem is he understands the toilet and wee wee but until recently he hasn’t been able to tell me he needs a wee.

To help him we have been taking him to the toilet regularly and giving him a sticker when he does a wee on the toilet which was working but then the problem was trying to figure out when he needs to go rather than allowing him to be in control.


Baby Bathroom.

Since he’s been going to pre-school I have been told that he likes messing around in the toilet.  He washes his hands and looks in the mirror, he goes into the cubicle locks it and crawls out and pretends he’s been to the toilet so he can be the leader.

All very cheeky Ollie.

But I thought to myself, he needs a little toilet that he’ll actually like.

So I bought him one of these Summer Infant toilets.  It’s a potty but it looks like a little toilet, just like at nursery!


Small Spaces.

One thing I’ve always hated about the concept of potty training is the carrying a potty around, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the supermarket… I always thought what’s the point in that?  Can’t we just teach them that we pee in one place to begin with and cut out an extra step?

Which is partly why Ollie has always wee’d on the toilet.  Even when I tried the potty I used to keep it in his baby change corner, when he was a baby I always changed him on the changing mat to show him that wee is in one place.

We don’t have a downstairs toilet which is another barrier because if he’s watching something or having fun playing downstairs he doesn’t want to go upstairs.  So I decided to create a downstairs VIP baby bathroom!

Our under stairs cupboard was just a pile of mess.  Most of the stuff in there has been binned or going on eBay.  It is the perfect space for a baby bathroom and it’s in our living room/ dining room so it is always accessible for Ollie, he doesn’t have to ask us or wait for us to encourage him.

baby bathroom

He has only had it for two days and he has done every single wee in there, not a single wee anywhere on the carpet or furniture.  He gets it now.  I haven’t even dished out any stickers, he actually seems to like it and I’ve found him sitting there watching Mr Tumble and he likes to close the door and close himself in!

baby bathroom

He loves his little toilet because it has a flush! It makes a noise but then he’s just staring at the wee wondering why it’s still there so he presses it again.  We’ve told him that on this toilet that’s the noise to let us know we need to take the wee away! Which is actually a very good function, it means we can cheer and high five straight away and get rid of it straight away.

IKEA hack sink.

Dave made his little sink unit out of an IKEA lack table.  It’s cut in half with a hole cut out with a large food container as a sink and a soap pump bottle as a tap, we put water in there so he can wash his hands.  We are going to add a mirror and lights too!

We’ve also painted the inside with chalkboard magnetic paint so he can write down when he does sees and keep a little reward chart!