Escaping the Terrible Twos!

Ollie turned 3 last Monday and I’m brave enough to say this even though I will possibly get trolled over it… we escaped the terrible twos!  At no point over the past year have I felt victim to the terrible twos and I predict that I won’t experience the threenager either.

I’m not going to sit here and claim my toddler never had a strop, pretty much every time he had to leave Nanny’s he had a strop.  Every time he saw a cake in a shop and I didn’t buy it he had a meltdown.  But terrible twos?  No.

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How I Met My Brother.

For a while now Momma has been saying she’s got a baby in her belly. I don’t know much about babies. The only baby I know is my cousin Connor. I like him now but at first I wasn’t sure because he used to drink out of bottles and I was the only one that had a bottle so I thought he was stealing mine. He’s nice now but sometimes he does try and steal my toys.

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