Attachment Parenting Ted – Part 2!

Following on from Attachment Parenting update part 1…

5. Bedding close to baby.

I have always been pro co-sleeping.  I really don’t get how people think that making your baby feel safe and secure is ‘making a rod for your own back’. I co-slept with Ollie for the first few months and on the whole he has been a really good sleeper and not caused us endless sleepless nights. We’ve had stages where sleep hasn’t gone well but for reasons that I’ll go into another time otherwise this will get really long!

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Attachment Parenting Ted – Part 1.

I wrote about Attachment Parenting (can’t you tell I was trolled after writing that! I edited it!) Ollie a while ago and reading back I’m pleased to say I stand by everything I wrote back then, Ollie was 10 months old when I wrote that post so not far off Ted’s age now so I’m going to write an update.

I did write an updated Attachment Parenting post when Ollie was 18 months and I pretty much agree with everything I thought back then but I do have slightly different views on the breastfeeding element.

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