Joovy Caboose Review

I admit that I have a little obsession with pushchairs! The Joovy Caboose is my latest purchase. I blame it on my inner child, I had loads of pushchairs for my dolls.  Now I have four pushchairs in my house and two at my moms!

My first pushchair was my Britax Affinity which I loved with Ollie, then I had a Mothercare Nanu to leave at my moms, then 2 Mothercare Jive’s as Ollie got older.  When Ted was born Ollie was only 2 and a half so not quite ready to walk everywhere so I got a Cosatto Shuffle and recently I’ve switched to a Joovy Caboose. Continue reading Joovy Caboose Review

Breastfeeding is Easy!

If you’re a Mom, pregnant or ever looked at a child you’ll probably be aware that last week was World Breastfeeding Week (sarcastic yay!) and I’m really resisting the urge to hit publish on a controversial post sitting in my drafts but I can’t be arsed with the trolls that I will definitely attract so I’m going to write this positive post instead:  How to make breastfeeding easy! Continue reading Breastfeeding is Easy!

Little Gnashers Teething Jewellery

Little Ted is almost 7 months old now and I can see and feel his top teeth but they haven’t quite popped yet!

He is being chilled out with his teeth, we haven’t had any major problems with him being particularly unsettled or up in the night.

He likes copying his big brother and brushing his teeth when they’re in the bath and he loves chewing anything. Continue reading Little Gnashers Teething Jewellery