KINYO Electric Breast Pump Review.

When I was pregnant with Ted I couldn’t find my Tommee Tippee breast pump that I had with Ollie. Convinced that it is still somewhere in my loft, I decided to just get a cheap one to make do until I found the original one (I still haven’t found it!)

The cheap one that I bought was the KINYO electric pump from Amazon.  I expected it to last a couple of months but 9 months later it is still going!

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A Family Holiday with Jet2.

A Family Holiday with Jet2.

We’ve recently had a lovely week in Spain, an all inclusive package holiday with Jet2.  We stayed at Oasis Park in Salou which is a perfect family resort and the hotel has recently been renovated and it really shows! It looks so fresh and new and there was constantly somebody cleaning something.  The hotel has 6 floors and 3 lifts.  The lifts were the only thing I have to complain about although this isn’t the hotel’s or Jet2’s fault – it is just people are vile and rude and understand what they want to understand!  We were on the 5th floor and had to walk down 5 flights of stairs a few times with two little boys and pushchairs because people are lazy and selfish!  Read more