Baby Connor – Part Two!

Read Baby Connor – Part 1 before this!

I was so tired at this point I needed something to take the pain away and allow me to sleep, so they advised an epidural. I was against having this prior to labour as I was worried about the side effects but at this stage I just wanted it to stop. I had to wait 20 minutes for an anaesthetist then when they finally came it took 3 attempts to get the needle in.

It was so hard trying to stay still so they could insert it when I was having contractions. Once it kicked in I was knocked out for a couple of hours. I only woke up because the pain came back. Tip: if you fall asleep with an epidural make sure someone continues to press the  button every 10 minutes, it will stop working. Read more

Baby Connor – Part One!

I am Jo’s (Momma Boss) little sister Carly who has recently had a little baby boy Connor. Jo mentioned him in her blog Cousin twins as Connor and Stevie were due the same time. If you follow Jo’s blogs you will know her story from the beginning of motherhood to current everyday challenges and advice she has with Ollie.

I asked her if I could share my journey to becoming a mommy as I had found comfort in hospital realising you don’t have to be alone and there is a huge benefit to talking to people. Read more

Cousin Twins.

If you don’t know me personally but follow my blogs, one thing I haven’t talked about it that Stevie was going to be a cousin twin! It’s a rare type of twin that is created by two sisters being pregnant at exactly the same time.

My younger sister was exactly as pregnant as me! Well, my due date was the day before hers. Read more