Micro Maternity Leave 

And the award for the UKs shortest maternity leave goes to… Me!

This is not something to be proud of even if I’m making it sound that way with a fictitious award! Ted is two months old on Friday and I went back to work last Saturday. I have not yet found anybody that understands me so if you’re insecure or judgemental I suggest you click away now. Continue reading Micro Maternity Leave 

No Maternity Leave‽

As you may know Ted is due in January 2017 and I run a pub full time, I work minimum 40 hours a week, minimum 5 days. 

If you’ve followed me for a while you might also know that after 12 years at my previous Momma Boss job, I was made redundant. 

So this means I wasn’t with my employer for 26 weeks when I was 15 weeks pregnant so I’m not ‘entitled’ to any pay. That’s right, zero pay!  Continue reading No Maternity Leave‽