#WaveOfLight – Baby Loss Awareness

The 9th – 15th October is Baby Loss Awareness Week and at the end of the week there is a social media event called Wave Of Light and it is for everyone that has lost a baby to light a candle for them and share a picture on social media in memory of all the angel babies.

I took part in it last year and it is so sad how many likes I got and how many I liked after searching the hashtag.  The official Wave of Light time is 7pm.   Continue reading #WaveOfLight – Baby Loss Awareness

Baby Loss Awareness – Are we wasting our time?

This week is baby loss awareness week.  I’m all for speaking out and #misCOURAGE as I often write about my experiences with a 10 week and 21 week miscarriage.  It is definitely a good thing for more people to talk about it because even if nobody is listening, it means the information is out there should somebody search for it.

I generally don’t see the point in ‘raising awareness’ because your audience tends to be… people that are already aware.  Breastfeeding, the only people getting involved in campaigns are already aware and they are only communicating with other breastfeeding mothers.  No new people are joining the awareness club if anything it tends to have a negative impact on people who otherwise couldn’t care less.  For example a couple of years ago when there was that mass feed outside parliament or wherever it was.  All of the mothers protesting were already aware and every innocent member of the public either continued to mind their own business still ignorant and unaware of whatever the issue was or they just found the whole spectacle rather unnecessary and annoying.   Continue reading Baby Loss Awareness – Are we wasting our time?