Tired is Tired!

I suppose I am technically a SAHM now, although I will always see myself as a working mom because I  worked full time for my first 3 years of motherhood and I see myself as a worker. This SAHM life is more life a temporary break from work rather than a lifestyle choice.

I’m the first one to say nothing is stressful when you have nothing to do.  You might beg to differ on this but as a SAHM (or on maternity leave) there is nothing you have to do.  The only real time constraint in life is the school or nursery run.  Other than that you don’t have to answer to anyone of be anywhere for any particular time.  If you’ve had a shit night, you don’t have to go to stay and play group. Your baby is poorly – don’t turn up at Mummy coffee morning.  You’re sick, have a pyjama day.  Nothing matters and nobody cares. Continue reading Tired is Tired!