#WaveOfLight – Baby Loss Awareness

The 9th – 15th October is Baby Loss Awareness Week and at the end of the week there is a social media event called Wave Of Light and it is for everyone that has lost a baby to light a candle for them and share a picture on social media in memory of all the angel babies.

I took part in it last year and it is so sad how many likes I got and how many I liked after searching the hashtag.  The official Wave of Light time is 7pm.   Continue reading #WaveOfLight – Baby Loss Awareness

Why do Moms show off?

Baby ballet star 👯‍♂️
Perfect little boys! 😍

Motherhood brings debates and competitions that you never knew existed. I have yet to meet a mother who isn’t competitive in some way or on some level. 

There are the obvious big debates bottle vs breastfeeding, SAHMs vs working moms, C section vs natural. Where everyone thinks they know best, they argue why their decision was best and take offence easily when somebody is critical of the opposition. 

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