Do Kids Remember Adventures?

Ollie is 18 months old and he has been on quite a few adventures in his little life.  Sometimes people try to criticise his adventures by saying he is too young and he won’t remember so what’s the point?  So do they have a point?  Am I wasting my time and money with Ollie’s adventures? Here is a little summary of what he’s got up to.

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Oliver! Oliver! 

Oliver! In the West End…

Ollie had his first trip to London on Sunday! Whenever I went to London pre motherhood I had two rules: No coat and no luggage! I take a backpack and a jacket! London is always hot to me. I always just travel by tube because it’s so easy so I really don’t need a coat or any baggage, I need to just fit in gaps! How mothers get round London day to day… You must be pro baby wearers! That’s the only way I’d do it every day. There are about 3 (ok slight exaggeration) tube stations with a lift so we did this… Continue reading Oliver! Oliver!