Momma Knows Best!

I seriously think that when studying for a medical degree, there should be a compulsory module called, ‘Momma Knows Best’. It is basically to teach all trainee doctors that if a mother tells you that there is something wrong with their kid, you pay attention and find out what it is! The whole module would include case studies where doctors were wrong and momma’s were right. Continue reading Momma Knows Best!

Race For Life Birmingham 2015

Ollie I’m writing this to tell you about your family. I’m really impressed with your Auntie and Cousins.  Auntie Shell got into running last year, just for fun and to try and lose weight. She got really good and did Race for Life in 2014. 

Race for Life is a charity run where people run to raise money for Cancer Research. My Nanny had cancer and died two years before you were born so Shell was running for our Nan. 

I was 40w+1 pregnant with you so I didn’t go and watch incase you popped out! She did really well and was in the top 20! 

This year she decided to do it again but it was extra special because Jake and Tom wanted to join in. They are 8 and 10 and they ran 5 kilometres (3 miles) that’s far Ollie! 


It was really good because Tom was the first kid to cross the line! As he was coming up to the finish the host (a radio presenter) said, “Look at this boy!” And she stopped him at the finish line and asked his name. He was 31st out of 3000 people! 5k in 27 mins. 

Shell and Jake were really good too they were in the top 50 and took 29 mins! 

Watch them go!

They were all really good! I’m so proud of them. But Ollie you are cheeky! You were asleep for the whole race, not very supportive are you? Haha! 


before it started…
…the race!
I just keep saying, I can’t believe Tom! He hates walking so I thought he might have got bored but he never gives up! I wish more people had Tom’s attitude.