Juggling Modern Life.

I, like many mothers with small children, have often commented on how ‘bad’ it is to see kids spending all of their time on iPads. I have also reflected on my own behaviour and been concerned that I’m giving Ollie the impression that all we ever do is ‘play’ on our phones.

As you know, I am Momma Boss… Literally. One of my work kids updated her status recently commenting on how bad it is that adults criticise children for not knowing what certain retro things are. Read more

Abusing Parent and Baby Spaces…

You might remember how funny I find rants about parent and baby spaces.  We don’t need them.  I’m sorry parents but if you think about it, we really don’t.  It’s such a first world problem.  Boo hoo, poor me I can’t park my own car in a wider bay closer to the supermarket where I’m going to go and waste loads of money on impulse buys because the bakery smells so good and then waste loads of food once it’s gone stale.   Read more