Gender Old Wives Tales. 

Thanks to Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap and Tori at The Adultier Adult for inspiring me to write this.

Before I go on I must state that me and Dave do not believe in any sort of hokum! Dave has spent the past 3 years working for an illusionist selling secrets on how to have powers and read minds so please don’t try and convince us otherwise. If you have strong beliefs regarding the occult, religion or believe you have some sort of powers please click away now because you won’t like my opinions.

You won’t sway my opinion by telling me you swear blind you’ve seen a ghost or that your star sign came true so I don’t expect to sway you beyond your beliefs. (With science and reason but whatever, I don’t expect to convince you!) As always, this is my opinion based on my life. 

So today I’m going to talk about old wives tales to predict gender. I did a few of them with Ollie* so I’ll compare them and you can make your predictions and when I find out at the end of the week we’ll see…

*why did you do them with Ollie if you don’t believe… Because I was convinced he was a girl and clutched at anything that made me right. 

Ring on a String.

This is one of the most popular ones. You tie your ring on a string, hold it above your belly and circles mean girls, back and forth mean boy.

With Ollie… It said girl.

This baby… It said girl.

This works in exactly the same way as a ouija board (Please don’t tell me you believe in them too!). It’s called ideomotor movement which basically means… You make it happen. Please don’t bother trying to argue with me until you’ve read ‘Tricks of the Mind’ by Derren Brown. He explains it perfectly.

So what is this test telling me? Quite simple really, I would like a girl. Even if you’re not willing to admit what you want these unconscious movements reveal the truth. I was convinced Ollie was a girl and it’s no secret I’d love a girl. I wouldn’t be disappointed with a boy but one of each would be nice and might be enough for me to go on the pill instead of being pregnant for another 2 years! 😄

With this baby I closed my eyes and told Dave to tell me what it is. I held it in two different ways and he said it swung back and forth and then settled on circles. Now I’m even less convinced. So basically if I secretly wanted a boy I’d pay attention to the first movement and if secretly wanted a girl I’d let it settle first.


There are mixed theories about this. Everything I’ve read says protein means boy. Sweet things mean girl. Dairy has mixed reviews, some places say dairy for girl some say boy. (So… 50/50.)

Ollie… Boy! All I craved was chicken.

This baby… Boy or girl. I’ve been craving dairy. In my first trimester I just wanted cheese.

I’ve got two theories on this. Number 1… Science! Our bodies have evolved to crave what we need to survive. I didn’t eat meat pre pregnancy so I needed the protein to make a baby. (Boy or girl I would’ve still needed protein.) So the only thing cravings serve to reveal is… What our bodies need. If anyone tries to be a smart arse and bring up pica, I’ll relate it to dogs. (Nature/ science.)

Theory number 2 is we purposely eat what we know relates to the sex we secretly want. Again, subconsciously. So if you heard somewhere that sweets mean girl and you secretly want a girl you’ll eat loads even if you don’t like them to try and align with the girl theories. We can train our bodies to like foods we hate. I used to hate cranberry juice but then I went through a stage of having a lot of UTIs so I trained myself to drink it and now I love it and drink it by choice!

My nephews have got into Little Britain lately so every time I say cravings it’s in this voice…

Fetal Heart Rate.

This myth is high heart rate means girl, lower means boy. Some say 140bpm some say 150bpm. So again it’s just whichever one fits your feelings.

At 16 weeks Ollie’s heartbeat was 149bpm and at 16 weeks this baby was 157bpm.

Ollie… Boy or girl.

This baby… Girl.

My midwife actually said when she found the heartbeat for this baby, “I don’t know why but I feel like it’s a girl.” If I’m going to believe anyone’s ‘feeling’, I’m more inclined to believe my midwife simply because if there is any scientific correlation between fetal heartbeat and gender then she has spent years listening to heartbeats and then finding out the gender she will ‘instinctively’ know boy or girl by being switched on the fast/ slow heartbeats. It’s basically the equivalent to my beat the intro skills after spending my career listening to retro music and absorbing every song.

Morning Sickness.

Apparently, morning sickness means girl, no morning sickness means boy. My argument with this myth is, how do you define morning sickness? Do you need to simply feel nauseated? Be sick once? Or be sick everyday? Again, you’ll just make it fit to whatever suits you.

Ollie… Boy. No sickness at all.

This baby… Boy or girl. Felt nauseated every day in the first trimester but wasn’t actually sick.

So basically if it’s a girl the believers will say, see it’s true because you did feel sick. And if it’s a boy they’ll all say, oh no you have to actually be sick! Aka… Hokum!

Chinese Calendar. 

This is some calculation based on your age and the month you conceived and lunar calendar… Sounds legit.

With Ollie I know exactly when he was conceived but with this baby it was either end of April or early May.

Ollie… Boy. (Or girl according to a different version of the calendar below!)

This baby… Girl if it was April, Boy May.

So again, we can decide the conception happened in whichever month suits the myth. Now I’ve just found this chart online and it says Ollie is a girl so… 50/50.


Bump Shape. 

This is a bit silly if you ask me because surely your bump shape is determined by your weight and muscle tone? If you’re overweight when you get pregnant surely your bump will look spread out because well… You’re already spread out! If you have abs and a flat stomach it makes sense that you’ll have a neater bump. Yet again, it can be adjusted to suit the theory!

Both my bumps have been at the front but I’m flabbier with this one because I wasn’t as slim to begin with.  I had a much neater front bump with Ollie so compared to Ollie I’d say I’m more spread this time but compared to other moms I’m probably more front.  (So basically, we’ll make it fit whichever gender it is.)

Apparently it’s high for girl and low for boy. There’s only so high a bump can go! My bump is lower than my bump with Ollie but that’s my C-Section overhang!

So are we going with high/ low or front/ spread sideways? Front = boy, sideways = girl. High = girl, low = boy.

Ollie… High and front = girl or boy.

This baby… Low and spread = girl or boy.

So the chances of getting it right is… 50/50.


Some mothers swear they ‘just know’ because they feel it. For the record, I feel different with this baby. That is not scientific proof that it’s a girl. It’s scientific proof that I have a toddler! Of course I’m going to feel bloody different! I get up early now, I had lie ins with Ollie. I can’t really have naps, I did with Ollie. I’m more sensitive to things because I’ve done it all before. There are many logical reasons for feeling different.

My ‘feelings’…

Ollie… Convinced I was having a girl.

This baby… No feeling either way. (I’ll tell you why I have no feeling when I write my reveal post.)

So based on these theories, Ollie had 5 points for pink and 5 points for blue. So 50/50 chance of being boy or girl. Shocking!

This baby 5 points for boy and 7 points for girl! So if it’s a girl we’ll ignore the 5 things that also fitted with boy and only remember the 100% success rate of the old wives tales. If it’s a boy we’ll ignore the ring and heartbeat theories because they were completely wrong.

I’m also going to write about the skull and nub theory as these are the only ones that might just have some scientific logic to them. So stay tuned for that one and then the big reveal… If baby is in a good position anyway! Otherwise you’ll have to wait for me to have a private scan.

  • Tori Gabriel

    Brilliant post (and I appreciate the tag, thanks).

    I love your cynisicm (and I share it). Have you read Paranormality? If you like Derren Brown it’ll be right up your alley. It explains why people believe they see ghosts.

    So, looks like it’s saying girl. I’m looking forward to the big reveal. Off to subscribe and follow you on Bloglovin’ (though I think I already am) so I don’t miss it.

    Oh, and my psychic cat reckons girl. X

    • MommaBoss

      Haha! We hate hocus pocus rubbish sounds like my kinda book. I do believe in mind reading and seeing things but I believe in clever magic tricks not magical powers… I’m training myself to cold read, I mean be psychic lol!