Grandparent Babysitters. 

I read somewhere that grandparents save parents over £8k per year on childcare costs by babysitting. There are mixed opinions about this, some say it’s great others say it’s the parents responsibility and shouldn’t be fobbed off. 

So I thought I’d write about it… 

First of all, my mom is the best! I would not have been able to go back to work without her. She looks after Ollie every Monday and he’s had a few sleepovers over the past year. 

Cute little newborn Ollie! 😊

One massive benefit is, he absolutely loves my mom! In fact, he hates me on Mondays! When I go to collect him he won’t come to me he just wants to sit with my mom. For me, it’s better than any other childcare option. However, my mom worked with kids for years as a playgroup leader, dinner lady and integration assistant and she is brilliant with kids. All kids love her! 

I think she loves having him and I think she’d tell me if it got too much! I don’t think it would though, she had all 3 grandsons the other week! I’ve already asked if she’ll have both when I go back to work after this baby! 

The thing with me is I don’t expect her to have him, I would find a solution if my mom wasn’t available. I would also pay her to have him if she ended up looking after him more regularly or if she didn’t work. 

I won’t ask her to book time off if she’s in work either. I appreciate all the help she gives us but I don’t take her for granted and just assume she can have him whenever it suits me! 

I think it’s a problem when parents just expect that grandparents will babysit whenever! I don’t think that’s fair because as much as they might love their grandchildren, they still have a life and things to do. 

I also think you’ve got your priorities wrong if your mom babysits every week so you can go out drinking. I know we all need to let off steam every now and then but not every weekend in my opinion. 

And I wouldn’t send Ollie to my moms if he didn’t like it there or if she wasn’t bothered about having him there. If it was a case of dump him in the cot and she sits there watching TV all day I wouldn’t send him because there’s no benefit to him.

He does benefit from staying with my mom. He has a really close bond and he gets constant attention. I’m not saying I don’t give him attention, I do but not constantly. I have to do washing, tidy up, etc but at my moms for a few hours, it’s all about him!

He has his own bedroom, he goes for walks and watches Mr Tumble! I never feel guilty leaving him. 
So what do you think about grandparent babysitters? Lifesavers or do parents take their parents for granted? 

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    It’s an odd one for me living so far away. My mum has always said she’d have the boys if we lived closer so I could work but I don’t work and I live in another country. But we do take advantage whenever we see her!!

  • Tori Gabriel

    Sadly, with the age of retirement rising every flipping year, I think the government is killing off the much needed grandparents time. My grandparents used to babysit me and my siblings regularly but they were retired. My parents both still work full time and my Mum has complained that by the time she retires, the grandkids will be old enough to be off doing there own thing.