What Happened to Little Ted?

I haven’t blogged for ages because the blogging world is awful haha it’s just all flipping ads and bullshit and that’s not what blogging is to me.

To me this is what a blog should be, just honesty and real. 

So, due to the devastating news about little Ted recently, I’ve decided to start writing again.  A lot of people are dancing for him so I’ll keep people up to date.

This is just going to be a quick summary of what has happened.


Over Christmas Ted caught chickenpox form Ollie, it was going around the school and Ollie had it then little Ted caught it. I didn’t think this was a big deal, everyone says it’s best to get it young and Ted was absolutely fine with it.

He didn’t whinge or pick his spots or anything.


Ted didn’t quite recover from his chickenpox, the spots went away but then he was just really hot and not sleeping very well, he kept asking to  sleep in my bed with me and kicked Dave out a few times.

It was his belly and back that were really hot rather than head which you’d usually see with just a standard toddler temperature.

This groginess went on for about a week and the next one night his heart was pounding I could feel his little chest so fast. I thought definitely going to the GP so first thing in the morning we went.



We went to the GP and he said go straight to A&E as he suspected sepsis.  So we did and when we finally went in about midday I think they thought sepsis too and started him on antibiotics.

The orthopeadic doctors came to see him and suspected a joint infection possibly in hips, x ray and ultrasound didn’t show anything. He stayed overnight under observation and on medication.

Ted couldn’t walk by this point but had walked the day before.


Dr House.

The next morning we had a badass doctor who I call Dr House, who came in assessed him and said he has a knee infection send him for ultrasound now.  He went, she appeared in the room, yep as she thought fluid on the knee so she ordered surgery straight away and within an hour he was operated on.

So she’d got right on top of that problem and he was moved up to the ward, continue antibiotics and pain meds, monitor him etc.  Should perk up and walk soon.



A week later he was being discharged with oral antibiotics. I was not happy about this because first of all he’s 2, why switch to oral when he’s on an IV that’s guaranteed. Secondly and more importantly he’d barely moved all week. He made zero attempt to get up.

My Dr House had strictly said to the doctors do not send him home until he can walk and get the physio to look at him.

The physio didn’t assess him she just said every child does it in their own time. I hate that “every child is different” get out of jail free card.

Home we went.

We were booked for a check up a week later anyway.


When we we came back we were basically told to sit in the waiting room until a bed was available as we were coming back.

This is getting long…. To be continued…