Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve been thinking for a while I want to have a few blogs that are written to Ollie because my blog is for Ollie! 

My first Mother’s Day seems like a perfect time to write to him, so here is my first Letter to Ollie. 

Hello my little Ollie,
Today is Sunday 15th March 2015, that means it’s my first Mother’s Day! Really it’s my second because I had my little Lamby last year. 

You’ve been a really good boy today, in the morning you and Daddy FaceTimed Grandma and she’s looking forward to our holiday in April! Then we went to Nanny’s house and you kept laughing at “Vinegar Feet!” Me and Nanny make you laugh by sniffing your feet and saying, “Poooo stinky vinegar feet!” You really have got stinky feet Ollie! 

Tom was making you laugh playing ‘BOO!’ with the wrapping paper then you watched boring Wrestling with Jake and had a little nap!

When we got home you stood up for the first time in your cot! You have been standing up with support for a while but you pulled yourself up from sitting down.  Then me and Daddy swear you said, “Momma!” Good boy Ollie. 
You really are a perfect little boy!

You’re always smiling. You love bath time and swimming! You don’t get sad much but you hate it when you need to do a poo, you cry and get restless but then you’re really happy after! 

You have two bottom teeth but your top ones are poking out. You hate being sad, you cry when your teeth hurt but stop when I show you the gel, like you know what’s coming and it will help you. 

You are really fast at crawling now and we think you’ll walk by the time you’re one! You are really good at night, you sleep in your own room but sometimes I come in and watch you and sometimes I sleep on your little sofa bed! 

By next Mothers Day you might have a little brother or sister! I’m looking forward to many more Mother’s Days with my little friend Ollie!

Love you Ollipop! Xxx