If You Don’t Like Your Toddler…

…Wait 15 seconds.

Ollie had a moment the other day which made me think of a quote that has stuck in my head for years.

If you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes!

Given the fact that the UK has enabled us to sunbathe and make a snowman in the same day recently, it was well timed! I love it because it has a literal meaning, that weather is ever changing and don’t let it ruin your whole day, just wait.  Then it could go deeper and mean that life in general is a constant change and sometimes we just need to dance through the storm.  I do love a metaphor.

Which made me re-work the quote to

If you don’t like your toddler, wait 15 seconds!

Obviously, I do like my toddler, I love him more than anything.  But for 15 seconds, I didn’t like his behaviour.  He had a full on toddler strop.  This is what happened…

We were shopping, I said Ollie shall we have a cake?  Of course he said, “Yeh!” so I ordered the cake and they said they’ll bring it over.  I understood that.  For Ollie, this is what happened, Momma said we’re having a cake, now we’ve walked away with no cake and I really like cake, I really wanted some.  So he had a meltdown.  Screaming, crying, running away.

I understand exactly why he was crying.  To anyone else you might not like him, what a little brat.  My goodness why can’t that mother control him? If you would’ve just waited 15 seconds, you would’ve had a completely different judgement of him.

As soon as the cake arrived… What a lovely, polite, well-mannered little boy.  Wow, that mother has got her shit together.  He was sitting on a high stool, no high chair, eating cake with a fork, acting very civilised.  His little head couldn’t understand why he saw the cake, I said he could have it and then we’re not having it.


I’d be annoyed if someone did that to me! Ollie didn’t understand the transaction and the agreement to wait for the delivery of cake so he had a strop and probably looked like a little brat. I don’t care! If you don’t know the full story you’re going to see a lot of situations that you don’t like and just like Ollie, can’t understand the bigger picture.

I waited and it was all ok.  So just remember, if you see a strop or are trying to control a strop… wait 15 seconds (minutes if you’re unlucky) and the storm will pass and your little ray of sunshine will return.


What? I'm a good little boy!
What? I’m a good little boy!