Interesting Labour Stories.

After my dramatic labour story (’10th July 2014′ and ‘Are you ready for this?’ blogs) I love hearing about other people’s labour stories.  I like the equally dramatic ones and I like the chilled out half hour labour ones!  Everyone is always telling me I’m just like my mom, anyone that has seen us will agree!  Sometimes I see photos of my mom and think, “When did I go there?” and then realise, I wasn’t there!  It’s my mom!

Me and my Mom are about the same age in these photos!  I found the picture of her and thought I'd seen it before... I'd seen me!
Me and my Mom are about the same age in these photos! I found the picture of her and thought I’d seen it before… I’d seen me!

Well, if it were possible to inherit a dramtic labour – I certainly did!  I thought it would be a nice change to my usual blogs to share MY labour story, how I entered the world!  Then let’s all have a vote who was the most dramatic me or my mom… Haha!  I asked my mom to write the story so here it is!

“When Michelle was one I thought it would be nice for her to have a little brother or sister so I came off the pill.  Not long after, yay I was pregnant.  I really didn’t mind if I was having a boy or a girl as long as my baby was healthy I was happy.  As the months went on an my belly grew I really thought you were boy because my bump was round an all at the front unlike Michelle’s where I put weight on all over. I was having a lovely pregnancy until the 6th month.

One day I felt as though I’d wet myself, I knew I hadn’t but it wasn’t enough for my water to have broke. The next day I was still leaking and had to wear pads so I went to the doctors. They sent me to hospital who confirmed my water had broke but was still a lot more to come out, it was early stages of labour. I fill up as I remember them saying it was too early for you to survive and if I was lucky enough to carry on with my pregnancy you would have webbed fingers and toes and very dry skin because there would be no fluid as you grew.  I was heart broken as I was admitted to hospital.  I was told to rest and let nature take its course. I had a room to my self and I cradled my little bump, talking to you saying please don’t come out yet I love you too much, I don’t care if your not perfect when your born I just want you strong enough to survive. At that moment a nurse popped her head through the door and said ” oh sorry wrong room there’s nothing we can do for you, I’m going to my full term lady.”  As she shut the door THE POWER OF LOVE was playing on the radio. I hugged my bump and sobbed, I could feel you move, I could hear the words of the song (the sound of your heart beating) I prayed so much that your little heart would not stop. I said take no notice of that stupid nurse, we will show them.

I was sent home because I did not go into labour but I was told to be prepared as I’d probably be back soon. I got use to my daily life of leaking every time I walked but I didn’t care, you were growing stronger each day. It was coming up to Christmas and I was putting decorations up when your Dad popped a balloon. I jumped and screamed. Holding on to my stomach I knew I was about to go into labour. I should have had another six weeks to wait but I didn’t mind, I knew you’d be ok.

So off I went to hospital to experience the most painful birth of my little Jo. When I got to the pushing stage the pain was unbearable but I still kept pushing. The midwife kept saying your not pushing hard enough.  If I had the strength I would have thumped her. I felt as though something had gone wrong but I did not know what. We had come so far but again I was scared of losing you. They eventually called in a doctor who immediately told me to stop pushing. I couldn’t so they tipped me upside down and I was rushed to theatre for emergency section. You were breech and the cord was round your neck.  I stayed awake as I felt them take my little power of love out of me. I can not put into words how I felt as I held you for the first time. You were perfect , your little hands were perfect, your pretty face and mop of black hair was perfect. We had to go back to the hospital daily, even Christmas Day because you had jaundice . That was only for a week and you got the all clear.

So you see Jo you were a worry before you were born and still are. I loved you then, I love you now, I always will and you will always be perfect to me.”

Well, now that I’m a mom I know that mothers know best, so I’m not going to argue about being perfect!

If anyone else has an interesting labour story I’d love to share some more stories on my blog!  Send me the story and a photo of you and your baby and I’d love to post them!

Little baby me!  (Ollie's cheeks?)
Little baby me! (Ollie’s cheeks?)
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