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Thank you to Janine who blogs at Janine’s Little World for being my first Working Momma to share her story!

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First, tell me about your family and why you started to blog (if you’re a blogger)?

We are a family of 4. There’s me Janine, my fiancé, Matthew (turning 3 the end of August) and Chloe, 5 months old (born beginning of February). We have 2 cats called Bailey Missy and together we live in a semi-detached house in the North Western part of Ireland. My fiancé and I are getting married next July.

I have started blogging way before taking it serious. Originally I started it as my little online diary of  my day to day life. Then I took a break after I had Matthew. In that time I followed a girl called Chantelle who is an Australian blogger. She got me inspired and I started blogging again in March last year as a parenting and lifestyle blogger. I never looked back.

If you can discuss your job, what do you do and what was your career path that led to your job?

I am working as a helpdesk operator. My main job is to answer and take phone calls from customer who need help with the patient management system for doctors in Ireland I am supporting. I have been working in this job for that past 6 years. It is a full-time job and I am working 5 days a week 8-4 or 9-5. There is no real career path that led to this roll as my fiancé works in the same company so he got me this job pretty much. I just had to sit the interview.

How old was your baby when you returned to work?

Matthew was 5 months old when I returned to work. Chloe will be 6 months. Only for the reason because she came early and Matthew was 10 days overdue.

Who looks after your baby while you are at work?

He attends crèche/nursery.

What did you hate about returning to work?

Somebody else minding my son. The first few weeks weren’t easy. I made sure they kept his routine.

And what benefits have you seen as a result of returning to work?

It is great to get out in public and do something else than just sitting at home, cooking, feeding or in that case when being a stay at home mum going to play dates or play groups. I am that kind of mum who needs to entertain herself with something else too and not just minding the kids.

What would you say to new moms who are feeling guilty about returning to work? 

Don’t feel guilty. It is only for your own good. It is nice to get away for a few hours and socialise with work colleagues. It is even better to come home in the evening time and spend it with your kids.

Finally, what do you think about my (controversial) idea… Maternity pay reflecting your working wage. So we scrap the standard £539 per month and you get paid your working wage for a year. It could be £200 it could be £1200, but it would encourage people to be secure before having children and would stop people getting paid in benefits to have children! It’s a dream world idea but it makes sense to me!

In Ireland for example we are getting paid weekly. But if you put that into pounds, it would be £652 a month. It might be more than you get but still not enough for someone who already has a child in crèche/nursery who has to be the fees. On top of that there is food shopping to be done every week and little bits and bobs I have to get. Basically I am always running into minus. But thankfully I am in a good money position due to personal reasons but thinking back 2 years ago, I would agree to have the work money paid. It takes so much weight of you.

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