KINYO Electric Breast Pump Review.

When I was pregnant with Ted I couldn’t find my Tommee Tippee breast pump that I had with Ollie. Convinced that it is still somewhere in my loft, I decided to just get a cheap one to make do until I found the original one (I still haven’t found it!)

The cheap one that I bought was the KINYO electric pump from Amazon.  I expected it to last a couple of months but 9 months later it is still going!

It is basically a knock off version of the Medela pump which is generally considered the best of pumps. I used one when I was in hospital and it was very good.

Back to the Kinyo…


  • It has lasted 9 months! I paid £35 for it, it is listed as £39 now as an updated version but still it has cost me less than £4 per month.  If I’d bought the dream Medela pump it would’ve cost £11 per month if it lasted the same amount of time.  When you think most women will breastfeed for less than 1 year it is quite a big difference in price.  Even if it had broken and I’d bought another one, it would still be £20 less!
  • Nine settings.  You can choose how intense you want the pump to be, it goes from level 1 to 9.  I generally use it on level 3 as this is quite comfortable, when you turn it up then it is quite a lot of pressure.  I did use the top levels once when I’d been away all day and was about to explode.
  • Quick to express.  I use it on a fairly low setting and fill the bottle (6oz) in about 10 minutes.  If I turn it up or if I’m really full I can get 6oz in about 5 minutes.
  • Massage function.  In the early days of feeding and expressing you can use a massage function to help stimulate flow and it does help.
  • Spare parts.  There is a tube that attached the bottle to the pump unit and you get a spare one in the package.
  • Battery option.  I always use it plugged into the mains but you can run it on batteries too which is great for travelling.
  • Easy to clean. I clean it as I would any other bottles, hot soapy water then steam steriliser.


  • There are a lot of little fiddly bits to it which you have to take apart to clean, this is fine but it would be nice if it came with it’s own sterilising box/ carry case.
  • It comes with a bottle that you can pump in to but it is a cheap bottle and the teat that it comes with isn’t very good.  So you do need to transfer into storage bags or other bottles.  The good thing about Tommee Tippee or the bigger brand sis that all of their branded bottles are compatible with the pump.

That is about it really for cons! Its a pretty good pump.

If you’re looking for a decent well priced pump, this is a great option.  It works very well and has lasted well for me.