My Baby is NOT Tired!

I didn’t think I had anything to contribute to #effitfriday this week. Then I went to the shop this morning. My old faithful followers might remember how much I hate Backseat Parenting. I haven’t had a Backseater for quite some time… 

Well I had some idiot today. I arrived at the supermarket, didn’t have any change for the trolley so popped to Greggs to buy a drink. I was carrying Ollie because he was going to sit in the trolley so I had no pram.

If I am holding Ollie and I’m in a queue Ollie does this cute thing where he moves his head around ‘hiding’ from the person behind me in the queue. He is always happy if they join in and say Boo! 

This person did say boo but then decided to ramble on, “Oh you’re so tired! Look at you, you need a nap aww you’re so tired!” 

1. He’s not tired. I waited until he’d had his morning nap before I went out. Keep your opinions to yourself. 

2. You don’t know my baby. What makes you think he’s tired? He’s started doing ‘funny faces’ lately which is basically blinking but on purpose. He finds it really funny because my funny face is closing my eyes and mouth then saying, “Bah!” And opening! He’s trying to copy. So even if you did see him close his eyes once don’t start rambling on that he needs a nap. He is playing. 

3. What if he actually is tired? What are you achieving by telling me he needs a nap? You’re only going to annoy me by going on about it or make me feel bad for dragging him round the shops. When he is tired, I know! I don’t need a stranger psycho analysing my baby. 

Ollie wasn’t crying or distressed in anyway. He was just waiting in the queue so why do nosy people feel the need to get involved? Even if he was crying, still don’t get involved. If I ever want help from a random, I will ask. 

When people experience Backseat Parenting a lot I do wonder if they just don’t have their child under control. However, still don’t get involved. You’re only going to make them feel like they have even less control. In my situation, everything was perfectly under control. No drama whatsoever so go away! 

Strangers, please relax. I do not need your analysis. I know my baby. I know every single cry, I know his body language, I know if there is a new spot on him, I know him. You do not know him or me. 

Life with Baby Kicks
  • I HATE backseat parenting. I get this all the time – ‘oh, you’re hungry aren’t you? Maybe mummy will give you some more’. Back off! My baby isn’t hungry and is putting on loads of weight. Grr! Can’t rant about this on my own blog because it’s someone I know doing it!! #effitfriday

    • MommaBoss

      It is so annoying! I don’t understand what people are hoping to achieve! It wouldn’t be so quite bad if they got the cry right but when they say hungry and it’s his wet nappy cry… Grr! Go away!

  • Carlyakamummy

    ha ha I like that term ‘backseat parenter’. Experienced a few of them the last couple of years. Frustrating isn’t it.

    • MommaBoss

      It really is!

  • lol lol lol. This is the truth!! Or when people see you and the baby for 5 minutes and proclaim that the baby is “such a good baby.” You have only seen the baby for 5 minutes!! How do you know its entire personality from 5 minutes. Good rant for #effitfriday

    Heres mine:

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    Oh I know that feeling! An effective tip I’ve found is to hand the baby over and say you do it. Of course this only works with those backseat parenters YOU KNOW!!! Thanks for linking Jo πŸ™‚ #effitfriday

    • MommaBoss

      Haha that’s a good solution! πŸ™‚