My Hubby!

It’s Father’s Day but I’m not going to write about my dad, I’m publishing this that I wrote a couple of weeks ago, all about Ollie and Teds dad… my hubby!

When I met my hubby, I really bloody hated him. Not because I hated him but because I loved him and I didn’t want to (for reasons I won’t go in to) I asked him to be gay so that he could be my gay best friend and live happily ever after! 

About a month or so after I’d met him, I heard this song and I knew I loved him because I hated him. I love the opening line, “I’d like to run away from you but if I were to leave you, I would die!” Some might see this as bad advice but my solutions to problems is often to run away. I don’t run away from the problem, I just run to happiness. Have a breather, come up with an action plan and go back to the problem. 

One year I went a bit psycho and ran off to Dubai on my own… totally worth it! But my hubby doesn’t just understand my need to run away, he takes me. 

One year he took me to the beach almost every month because I was unstable and the beach made me happy. 

The past couple of months have been stressful. The boys do not play a part in my stress actual motherhood doesn’t stress me at all but the juggling act has been a bit hectic lately. I’ve had three mental weekends in a row with bloody bank holidays and football and Dave has started a new job with a lot of travel involved. 

Every step of the way who has been there cheering me on and telling me how good I am and that I’m a badass Momma boss? My hubby! Who has put up with me being a psycho (even though sometimes he’s a bastard)? My hubby. Who has stepped up and got a better job because he’s worth more? My hubby. Who is the best dad? My dad – but who is the other best dad who gets up at all hours and never takes anything out on the boys? My hubby! 

He is an inspiration and has made me see how a job shouldn’t be your life. I made my job my life for 12 years and frowned upon him leaving jobs that he wasn’t happy in. Why? I thought it was disloyal, weak and looked bad on a CV! Now I’ve changed my mind, if you’re not happy do something about it even if it’s ‘looks bad’ to a randomer that might employ you. It’s better than feeling bad at work everyday! Loyalty isn’t worth anything you should only be loyal to yourself. And it’s not a sign of weakness, it shows strength to say I’m not happy or this isn’t good enough and walk away. 

He is a wonderful beautiful person and life really is much easier if you have somebody that is really good for you! 

A couple of weeks ago he took us to Blackpool because it’s my favourite place! I was so happy and stress free for that little trip and it was made even better by seeing how happy Ollie was when he met Chase! It was all because of my hubby.

I’m so proud of him and us really! We’re not really gushy and over the top, most of the time I punch him for snoring, call him a twat bag and threaten to throw his whisky away but… I really love him and when people wonder how I juggle my life and stay relatively calm most of the time, the answer is my hubby! 😊