My Thoughts on Kids TV.

I often describe myself as an over thinker, I’m about to show you the extent of my over active mind.  You wouldn’t think that with an 11 month old baby that I’d be exposed to as much kids TV but in all honesty, we both love it.  Here are my over thinkings, there might be somebody out there on my level, if not then enjoy reading what it is like to be constantly thinking.

1. I think Mr Tumble said sings Neil Diamond on karaoke on his days off.


2. I am convinced Mr Plod is Noddy’s long lost dad. Look at the resemblance. And it explains why he is protective over Noddy.


3. I love Peter Rabbit on CBeebies… But it’s not as good as this!


4. Why aren’t B1, B2 and co man-sized Aussies? Kids, this is Bananas in Pyjamas!

5. Why does Tallulah put an extra syllable in quickly? It could easily be ‘quick-ly’ instead of ‘quick-el-y’.  I’ve gotta admit, the first time I watched Tickety Toc I missed the opening, my mind was blown when it was revealed that it is all inside the clock!

6. I don’t know why but I hate Milkshake Monkey. It’s his annoying voice, silly little legs, fake eating. Eurgh. I don’t like him. “Here I am!” That’s nice, now go away.


7. It bothers me that George’s name doesn’t begin with P. Literally every other child in that world has alliteration. Why not call him Paul, Peter, Phillip, Patrick? I guess he’s just an after thought with that bratty big sister Peppa taking centre stage all the live long day.

8. I really want to play on the Scarlett Squid.

9. I love it when they somehow work the old theme tune into the new Thomas and Friends. That is an excellent piece of music that can never die.

10. I wish they’d bring these back… (Contributed to my Toy Story Mom beliefs.)


So there you go, an insight into my crazy mind.  Is there anybody else as crazy as I am?

  • Hahah I know exactly what you mean! My god the amount of times I question the things my Son watches. SOmetime I get soooo angry about certain characters lol. x

    • MommaBoss

      Haha! Glad I’m not the only one. I hate Peppa and that bloody monkey!

  • Tori Gabriel

    Have you seen In the Night Garden? Mr Pontipine is running some kind of sweat shop. In one scene the narrator says “delicious food for Mr and Mrs Pontipine and gruel for the children”. WTF? Also, why does he have a fake moustache? What is he hiding from? Lastly, why is he always inviting his neighbours to a picnic and then leaving without them? How passive aggressive is that?!