Myy Feed Review

Myy Feed Review.

Myy Feed is like a combination between the traditional insulator bottle bags and a thermos flask.  It keeps boiled water hot whilst storing up to 9 scoops of formula separately but within the flask.  Prior to using this I’d been using Tommee Tippee insulator bags and a tub of formula when I’m out.  I’ve got to say I think the Myy Feed is a better option.



The water stays really hot.

The insulator bags tend to be ideal for 3 hours, 4 max as they do gradually cool but this keeps the water hot!  The first time I used it I left the water in the flask for 4 hours and it was still really hot, in fact I had to cool it down!  This is great because you can plan to go out for longer and not have to worry about finding somewhere to get fresh water.

Great for night feeds.

Depending on how long your baby sleeps, this is great for night feeds.  You can set it up when you’re wide awake before bed, leave it on your bedside table then a few hours later when your baby wakes up and you’re half asleep… Simple!  My baby sleeps 8-9 hours straight now so it’s a bit too long to do before bed but I work nights on weekends so I get in from work and set the bottle up ready for when he wakes up.  In the early days he was awake at 3am for a feed so this would have been perfect!  I wish I’d discovered Myy Feed sooner.


It isn’t exactly small but its no bigger than carrying a tub and bag around.  It fits easily down the side of the changing bag or in a medium- large handbag.  It’s also really lightweight, it’s not at all inconvenient to carry around.


It works with Avent or Tommee Tippee bottles.  I already had both of these so it was easy.  However, Tommee Tippee bottles are pretty much always on offer in one of the baby events so you can generally pick up 6 for about £10!  So for not much more money you can set yourself up for easy formula feeding.


I’ve always been told that simple ideas are the best and this really is so simple but does it’s job well!  I love that the bottle teat and lid is stored in the top so everything is together so you can’t accidentally forget your tub of formula or forget a fresh bottle because it’s all together.


Plunger can be 1

The first time I used this I got in a mess with the plunger.If you push the button all the way down then the powder gets stuck and it I had to unscrew the lid to get the rest out.  After a few uses I figured out that you want to push the button down just enough to release the plunger and then shake or tap it out.  It’s even easier if you unclip the plunger but then you have to take the formula tub off the bottle which kind of defeats the point but it still works! I think it is meant to work if you push the plunger all the way but I found that some of the powder got stuck in the top if the lid.  My baby is on 8oz bottles though so I don’t imagine this would be a problem with 4 or 5 oz bottles.

photo 2


Give it a good clean!

Obviously I cleaned the whole thing after each use but I discovered the hard way, you do not want to leave a single speck of milk in the flask part!  It is so well sealed that it just breeds a horrible smell.  I suppose it’s not really a con because being sealed is a good thing to insulate it well and it was my fault for not being thorough but if you make the same mistake I did you’ll say it’s a con too!  If you’re not using it I’d say leave the two parts open to air out.

Value for Money.

The RRP on a Myy Feed is £19.99.  If you’re part of the Bounty club they often send out voucher codes so you can pick one up for £15.99.  Is Myy Feed good value for money?  Yes I think it is!  For less than £20 you can easily feed formula when you’re out and about or during the night.  The Tommee Tippee Insulator Bags are good for shorter time periods but then you’d need to buy tubs to store powder as well so price wise they’re about the same.  The bags are £10.99.  I think the Myy Feed gets the extra points because it stays hotter for longer.

I really like this product!  Simple and effective.  Only loses points for the slightly awkward plunger but easy to overcome.
I really like this product! Simple and effective. Only loses points for the slightly awkward plunger but easy to overcome.