Thank you to Natasha who is a member of a Facebook group that I’m in, she is sharing her experience as a working Mom this week!


First, tell me about your family and why you started to blog (if you’re a blogger)?

There’s me, my partner, Josh our little boy and our cat Vic. Me and Neil have been together for over 7 years and had always discussed having children but Josh was our happy accident!

If you can discuss your job, what do you do and what was your career path that led to your job?

I’m a governance and insurance officer for a housing association. I was a project administrator for 5 years but was made redundant.

How old was your baby when you returned to work?

He was 7 months old. I’d been signed off at 28 weeks due to sciatica and SPD so my maternity pay kicked in at 36 weeks.

Who looks after your baby while you are at work?

I work 30 hours over 4 days and he spends 2 days with Neil’s mum (Grandma) and 2 days with my dads long standing girlfriend (Shaz). I not in touch with my mum. They both very kindly offered to look after Josh and he loves having the 1:1 attention.

What did you hate about returning to work?

Not knowing whether he was ok, whether he was eating and sleeping ok. The complete change in routine was really difficult to deal with as well. I was trying to be super mum and failed miserably and ended up having a month off work sick with depression after being back for 6 months.

And what benefits have you seen as a result of returning to work?

I really appreciate our Friday’s off together, just me and Josh. We go to tumble tots and I can afford to treat us and go places. We have a good routine at home now as well so it works for everyone.

What would you say to new moms who are feeling guilty about returning to work?

We all do what we have to do. I hate it when people say “why have a baby to let someone raise them?”. That isn’t what working mums are doing at all. When you’re an almost equal contributor to the home it’s simply not feasible to quit work to be a stay at home mum. As much as I love my little boy I need some time away from him, to not be mum, to engage my brain and focus on something else. I would have gone insane being a SAHM as its just not for me.
Don’t feel guilty for teaching your kids that if you want something you have to work for it and it usually involves sacrifices.

Finally, what do you think about my (controversial) idea… Maternity pay reflecting your working wage. So we scrap the standard £539 per month and you get paid your working wage for a year. It could be £200 it could be £1200, but it would encourage people to be secure before having children and would stop people getting paid in benefits to have children! It’s a dream world idea but it makes sense to me! 

Maternity pay is rubbish. It infuriates me that people get paid via benefits to stay at home to raise their kids but working mums are penalised for having children and wanting to come back to work after! How they expect anyone to survive on £539 per month with a new baby is beyond me. The bills still roll in every month!


Thank you very much Natasha for sharing your story.  If you would like to share your experience as a #WorkingMomma please email me or contact me via social media.