Non-Negotiable List!

I’ve had a little blogging break over the past couple of weeks due to work stresses! (More on that when it’s all settled down!) So I was glad to be tagged by one of my favourite fellow bloggers, Laura – Life with Baby Kicks, to write my non-negotiable list.

This is basically a list of things that you will not compromise on in day to day life, not the big moral, political things – just day to day what is essential to you.  

So thanks Laura for giving me a way back into blogging after my little break, here is my list…

80’s Music.

This is top of my list, I need music in my life!  I swear music keeps me sane, I wake up every morning to an 80s radio station as my alarm clock, I never drive without music and one of my worst nightmares is being on public transport with no earphones.  I need music, specifically 80s but I do like all things retro!  50’s – early 90’s is my era.


I’ve written about why I Keep on Dancing before, and I will not negotiate on it.  I do 2 hours of ballet every week and if for some reason I can’t go I’m in a bad mood.  Everyone should do something that is true to themselves, who they are at their core.  Obviously life will change you and you will negotiate on certain things as time goes by but never negotiate on the things that keep you true to who you are.

Family Birthdays.

I always see my mom, dad, sisters, nephews on their actual birthday.  It has to be their birthday, the day before or after doesn’t count! Even if it’s just 10 minutes to give a card and present (an my dad’s bi-annual hug – the other one is Father’s Day) then that’s good enough.  There was one year when me and my older sister were not impressed with the younger one for going on holiday on her birthday. We did have a fake birthday but she chose to go.  I will always see them on their birthdays!

My 80's 30th birthday! :)
My 80’s 30th birthday! 🙂

TV nights.

Me and Dave work in bars so our nights off are TV nights.  We have to have at least one night per week where we just watch TV or a film and usually one of us falls asleep! We love all TV, Netflix and chill is not slang or a euphemism for us.  We genuinely do literally Netflix binge and chill! Ollie Netflix binges on Paw Patrol! Sometimes we have to re-watch stuff because we started talking and missed it but we need our TV nights, they often involve a cocktail too!


Ollie Cuddles!

Every morning Ollie comes into me and I say ‘Cuddles!’ and he lies on me, he is not allowed to grow out of this any time soon.  He is a pretty good reason to get up and I love sleep, I’d happily stay in bed for half a day! I love his little happy face. Cuddles aren’t just restricted to mornings by the way, I always grab him for cuddles and tell him I love him, sometimes he hates me and runs away, sometimes he’s cute and sits with me.



I believe everyone should have at least two holidays per year! They don’t have to be extravagant luxury, but two breaks per year is a minimum! I lost count of how many times we went away last year, Benidorm and Paris were our main holidays and we had trips around Britain, I love the British coast.  This year we have our honeymoon booked and there will be a sunny holiday at some point and we’ve got to go to Blackpool (my favourite place!)


That’s my list!

What are your non-negotiables?

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  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    Love it Jo! Cuddles are a total non-negotiable here as well x