Oliver’s Diary: CBeebies is a place!

Don’t laugh at me but I thought CBeebies was just a TV thing. When I go to my Nanny’s I always watch it, I watch Milkshake with Mommy but Nanny likes Mr Tumble so we always watch that TV. 

Well Mommy and Daddy took me to this place, it was a good adventure. First we went to a massive swimming and I really liked the slide, I just kept going down forwards and backwards! I think Mommy and Daddy were scared because they didn’t have a go just me. 

alton towers waterpark
That’s the kids pool, I loved the slide there!

Then I slept in a different bedroom, I wasn’t really sure about it because I like my bedroom the best but Mommy let me and Dog watch Paw Patrol so it wasn’t too bad in the end. 

Stupid stranger bed!
Stupid stranger bed!

In the morning we had a different breakfast, I had sausage and waffle! I didn’t like the egg thing so I put that on Mommy’s plate. Dog said he liked the sausage. 


We went on a train and then I recognised these little yellow bugs! 

I was confused because I really did think it was just on TV! It was really good inside, I recognised loads of friends and you can do really fun stuff! 

I drove the Tum Tums car! I was good, I could do it with one hand.


I went in Charlie and Lola’s house and climbed a mountain and dressed Charlie and crawled through a secret hole! 

I saw Iggle Piggle and Tomliboos and waved at them! I found the Pontypines really funny, I don’t know why! 

I drove Postman Pats van and pressed the buttons to deliver parcels. 

Then I liked climbing up the steps to get to a ride in the sky. 


I was allowed to go inside Nina’s lab like the kids on TV, it was cool! I did a science experiment…


I went on all the rides and then I was tired so I went to sleep. Daddy went on a boring ride, there wasn’t any CBeebies friends on there! 


I woke up and went on all the rides again! When I had my lunch I watched Tree Fu Tom and I waved at him. 

IMG_0117 IMG_0118

You could go in Mr Tumbles garden and I really liked it there, I found the spotty bag and I kept doing I say Hello! Me and Nanny do it, Mommy doesn’t know the actions. 

I also played in Toms training area, I just liked running! Mommy and Daddy made me laugh jumping out at me. 

There was lots of stuff around CBeebies and one place was like swimming but I wasn’t allowed in just fishes! I was saying fish and Mommy said that I was right! 

It was really fun but really tiring! I was pleased when Mommy bought me some new CBeebies pyjamas and said I could put them on in the car on the way back! I was so comfy I fell asleep. 


When we got home I was still tired so I went straight to bed and stayed in bed so long I missed most of Milkshake! It was worth it though, I had a really fun adventure.