Oliver’s Diary: I Hate Stupid Doctors!

Over the past couple of weeks, I admit I have been feeling different. Mommy keeps saying I’m poorly and giving me cuddles. Yeh that is nice but I just want to run around and then sometimes I feel sad and just want to lie down.

Mommy has been taking me to this stupid place not far from our house where stupid people put things in my ears and cold things on my chest and belly. Then they act like I’m the weirdo because I cry! How would you like a giant stranger putting sticks in your ear and telling your mom to hold you down. I know mommy doesn’t want to hold me down she says Sorry Ollie! Mommy isn’t the baddie I know, even though she’s the one taking me there she’s still nice.

Then mommy and daddy have been giving me these weird drinks! One is yuk! I spit it out. The other one is like banana milkshake that’s ok and then there’s one that’s like a drop of nasty milk. Weird. They say good boy when I have it? Good that I’m having yucky drinks?

On Friday I felt really tired. I usually try and fight and tell mommy I’m not tired (then I fall asleep and hate it because she’s right!) but today I wanted mommy and daddy to let me have a rest. I was lying down and then this thing happened to my belly. I felt really funny and then loads of stinky stuff came out my mouth. I felt really sad. Mommy said its called sick.

Mommy said she’s taking me to hospital. I didn’t know what she meant so I just held her hand in the car.
When we got there it was cool! I played with some kids and they had this toy that I like at home where you play with beads.


I was wrong, it wasn’t cool! There was lots of doctor people there! They put wires on my toes and kept putting the stupid stick things in my ears.

They said I’ve got an ear infection, the other stupid doctor person told us that but mommy said she took me again because I was sick and lying down lots. I had funny dots on my feet as well so they kept touching me. I was kicking them to say ‘Get off!’ But they didn’t listen. They told my mommy the dots on my feet are because of the infection.

I had to wait in a hot silly bedroom for ages with mommy the only good thing in there was water but I couldn’t even get in for a bath!


They come back to look at my feet again. The doctor person wasn’t too bad that time when I kicked her she moved and said she’d just look. That was ok. I danced to the Thomas and Friends music on mommy’s phone and she said I can go home.

I was really tired so I was glad to leave that nasty place and go to my own nice bedroom.

I don’t like being poorly and I hate doctors!

I still didn’t feel right when I got home, I played and tried to be ok but the dots on my feet were getting bigger and some on my hands and arms too.  I hated my clothes they made me feel sad.  Mommy said I had to leave them on but the dots were getting bumpy and I could feel my clothes on them.  It made me sad.


On Sunday I went to another stupid doctor person and he gave me so more yucky drinks that were meant to stop my skin being bumpy, they said it’s called a rash.  I still didn’t feel better so on Monday Mommy took me to another doctor, this wasn’t too bad because Nanny came with us.  I love my Nanny.  The doctor said my rash was just viral, I don’t know what that means but he said I had a funny walk and I should go back to the hospital place.  Mommy and Nanny took me there.  I was really tired so I just went to sleep.

There was lots of toys there so it was’t too boring really but then lots of people got me!  I had to lie on a hard bed with a light on and stay still, mommy and nanny and another lady had to hold me and they said its taking photos of my bones.  Weird. Then later on more got me! One held me and I cried I just wanted mommy to hold me.  One grabbed my hand and I was pulling really hard but he wouldn’t let go and another silly doctor put a really sharp thing in my hand and red stuff come out into a little tube, it looked like the thing calpol goes in but it definitely wasn’t calpol!  I felt sad.  Mommy rescued me and then I just wanted to go to sleep again.  A nice lady came to see me and said I could go home.

I had to go back to that silly place on Thursday morning and they said I’m ok so I don’t need to go back again.  Phew!  It was not good there.  Apart from the beads, they have got lots of beads!