Oliver’s Diary: Momma has gone mad!

Listen up babies and small toddlers, I need some advice. My momma has gone mad. For my whole life I’ve been wearing pampers. We had a short time where we had some aldi thing but Momma said no because my clothes got wet. It’s always been white pampers. Sometimes with an orange monkey or green dots but basically they always look and feel the same. 

I’m not lying, look! Week 1 = pampers!

Now today she comes out with, what I can only say are nappy clothes? Anyone else experienced this? 

It’s on my bum where the pampers go but it feels like clothes and it has animals on like clothes! I’ve been wearing farm yard animals and now she’s switched me into fox heads! Fox heads! 

I’ve seen a girl at swimming wearing these but I just thought they were her swimming clothes  because I’ve always had a weird blue thing for swimming and the girls have their belly covered so I thought maybe that’s what it is.

Look Momma… NAPPIES! Remember when it was normal?

Now I’m wearing it in the house. What is happening.

She keeps saying something about “try them out” what does she mean? Will my pampers ever come back and please somebody tell me… Are these things nappies or clothes or both? 

nappy clothes part 1


part 2, the fox heads!
Nappy clothes might be it for me now. I think it might be my fault. I have been rolling around and running off when she tries to change my nappy. What if these are wriggly baby nappy clothes? Maybe if I lie down for my next change I’ll get the old ones back…