Oliver’s Diary: My Auntie Shell.

To my auntie Shell,

You are always so nice to me. You look after me lots when Mommy goes to work and you’re really helpful.

We always have lots of fun, sometimes I want Mommy to be late at work so I can play on the slide or trampoline for longer or with that goo! How did you even make that!? Mommy never makes that stuff!

I really love my cousins Jake and Tom! Cousins are cool they’re like in between baby size and adult size. They’re always fun and thanks Tom for getting a biscuit for me when Mommy said no! Haha you’re my friend! I have been really trying to say Jake because Jake always makes me laugh. 

And Uncle Brendan always plays that really fun running game! So what I’m saying is, I love coming to your house. I’m sorry I was cheeky today and got crumbs everywhere! 

I was really loud and cheeky in public too and you know I’m usually good! Not even biscuits calmed me down, I’m sorry if I was embarrassing. 

I think I was really tired and had a belly ache. I hope I haven’t overstayed too much like my Mommy does! 

Thank you for looking after me and taking me to fun places! Xx