Oliver’s Diary: Thomas Land. 

Today Momma was acting weird in the morning. She was in a mood because I wore my Thomas t-shirt yesterday. I was thinking, “You dressed me Momma!” My other Thomas t-shirt was dirty so she was even more sad. She said she really wanted me to wear it! Then Momma and Daaa showed me these shoes with Thomas on them, I smiled and thought they’re cool! They were different to normal shoes, they went up my leg and I didn’t like putting them on. But once they were on, they did look cool! Momma said they’re Thomas wellies! 

Grandma and Grandad came round and then we were all going out. I tried to get in the car and they were all saying No Ollie! Then Daaa put my car seat in a different car and Grandad was driving.

When we got out the car, I couldn’t believe it. I saw Percy! Not a toy, it was actually Percy! I was so happy!

I walked round and there were loads of trains! Not toys! Big trains! I climbed on Gordon, Toby, Edward and Henry! It was really fun!

There was a shop that only sold Thomas things and Thomas was in there! I was allowed in there but then I didn’t want to get out. I kept running back to the shop but Momma kept getting me. I didn’t mind though because she got me and said I can go on Harold… Actual Harold! Big Harold! I got in and I was allowed to drive! Momma and Daaa sat in the back and I steered the wheel and we flew up in the sky! I was good!



It was the best place ever!  Grandad took me on Lady, Grandma took me on Merrick, Momma took me on a car ride!

I was getting tired but I was pretending I wasn’t because I didn’t want to miss anything. Momma put me in the pram and it was really cosy but no way was I going to sleep! I was looking at all the fun stuff.

It was a good idea to not go to sleep because we went on Percy! Would they would’ve just gone on if I was asleep? No way did I want to miss that.

It started to really rain so we went home but I think Momma will take me there again because she really likes the Thomas songs!