Oliver’s Diary: Turning 2!

For the past couple of weeks people have been telling me it’s nearly my birthday. I didn’t really know that word to be honest. I think birthday is what they called it when Momma had cake and I ate too much and got sick. Mommas birthday was weird because she had two birthdays, one of them was at Nanny’s and we all had funny clothes on. 

So I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen on birthday. Would we go to Nanny’s or wear something different? 

Well, birthdays are really fun. It started off I went into momma and daddy’s bedroom and they gave me a cuddle and said, “Happy birthday!” The cuddle is normal but I guessed this must be the birthday thing. 

I went downstairs and the living room was still our house but made more fun. Paw Patrol was all on the wall, all of the pups were there. Paw Patrol was on the table as well! 


There were loads of balloons some were on the floor and you could pick them up but some were flying and I could only get them if I pulled the string! 

I didn’t really understand this thing they call ‘paper’ because paper is to draw or paint on but this stuff was shiny and already had pictures on. Twirlywoos, pups and Thomas. Underneath the paper there were toys, new toys! 

I had paw patrol drawing stuff, a bike, Mr Tumbles spotty bag and the biggest one was a really fun slide like at the park but it’s in my house! 


All the stuff was for me, I am allowed to keep it and play. 


Grandma and Grandad were at my house too, I think it’s because of birthday. 

Then after I had some more present paper things, we went to a place and had breakfast. I had jam on toast, it was really nice I haven’t had jam for ages! Momma is weird though, she just takes photos of me all the time! Sometimes she’s in the photo as well. 


We went back home and I was pretty tired so I had a sleep. When I woke up it was still birthday! 


My auntie Shell and cousins were at my house and they had more paper things! I was happy because underneath one of them Meooow was hiding. I really liked this Meooow every time I go to the toy shop I pick it up and now I’m allowed to keep it! 

Momma did something, it’s like dinner but it was just all on the table together, people didn’t have to sit on a chair they were allowed to just pick things up and put it on a paw patrol plate. I had a cheese sandwich and my toys had a bite, it was funny! 


Then my Nanny, Grandad, auntie Carly and my little friend Connor came to my house with even more paper things! 

Inside one was a Twirlywoos boat. I really love it, I love Twirlywoos it’s so funny. They fall over and do cheeky things and I really laugh. Now I’ve got a boat and it’s really good. 


Momma’s friend came to our house too and she had even more paper things! I had a lawnmower so I can help daddy in the garden! 

I had lots of playtime in the house and in the garden. My cousins were really making me laugh. 


Connor used my pushchair for a nap, I didn’t mind because he’s little and I’m big now!


The best part of the day started off a bit weird, everyone was singing but then cakes were there! One cake had paw patrol and one cake had Mr Tumble! I just picked a bit off straight away it was so nice. I sat down and had some on a plate and Connor wanted it, lucky I sat by Connor because he’s too little so he’s not allowed it. Somebody else might have tried to eat some! 

People started leaving my house so then Momma took me for a bath, I had a new Paw Patrol towel and new paw Patrol pyjamas so I was all comfy! 


I know I’m getting big now but I still like my cuddles with Momma, she’s really comfy. 


Being two is good! I really like all of my new things.