Ollie’s New Bedroom!

A few months ago I decided I wasn’t going to go crazy on presents for Ollie because he’s too young this year so I decided to give him a new bedroom instead.

His baby room is a bit boring for him now. He keeps pulling all the nappies and wipes out and he hated the mobile in the cot and ripped it down, “I’m not a baby Momma, I don’t want this stupid thing!”

He’s also been climbing on his side table so it was time for a more toddler friendly room. Ollie loves Thomas and Friends so that’s the new theme!

This is his baby bedroom…


His new room isn’t quite finished, there are some finishing touches that haven’t arrived yet but this is so far…

Toddler sized wardrobe so Ollie can reach his clothes. He now likes to hide in there and jump out! Guess who taught him that little move? We love IKEA because they really do think of everything! There are gaps between the doors so they can’t trap their fingers and a big gap for a handle so it’s easy for a toddler to open and it’s an air hole if he locks himself in!

Also a little book bus! He loves books so they have their own special place now.

His little sofa bed is on the other side and all his books are cleared off the window. Ollie will like looking at the cats out the window. (This is where I’ll sleep until I can relax with him being in a bed!)

The changing table is now a changing cupboard! All his nappies and wipes are in there and his little potty and nappy bin underneath.

I’ve left the cot in for now incase the transition doesn’t go well but his toy box will move over there when that’s gone. Thank you Auntie Carly for my cool new toy box!


And the finale… The really cool Thomas bed! Ollie loves it! Check out a video of his reaction on the Momma Boss Facebook page. 

He was too excited to sleep last night. He kept lying down looking all tired, had his milk, put his dummy in and then… Jumped up ran around and climbed on the bed! It’s like he was thinking, “I’m tired but… OMG I’M IN A TRAIN! Woooo!”

He slept in his cot to control the excitement! He can have another try later!

I Love my bed!