You Haven’t Got Autism.

Last week we had Ollie’s official diagnosis of autism.

I’d known for a while that he has autism but I haven’t said much about it until it was official because if you are a Mom of a child with autism, you’ll be aware that everyone thinks they have autism.  So I wasn’t going to be one of these people that goes along with thinking they or their kid has autism.

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The Reason People Hate Blogging.

Around about this time last year I was going through a work related drama, back and forth to meetings taking people on, as I do! My catchphrase since then is, “I’ll take them on.” If anyone close to me has any grief I’m there ready to take anyone on.

Anyway, as a result I left my career as a pub/ club manager after 13 years. Ted was only 6 months old so I just went back on maternity leave.

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Dear Former Employer,


I am assuming that you have not heard of the #DearEmployer campaign or Pregnant Then Screwed?  So I am writing this to make you aware of this campaign, the intention is to speak to employers and open up about how women felt in the workplace whilst pregnant or shortly after giving birth. Read more