Parenting Myself!

When we were on holiday a couple of weeks ago I realised something really funny/ stupid about my parenting and wonder if anyone else does it so I thought I’d write about it.

Basically I’m parenting… Myself!

These are some examples of things I’ve actually said and been serious about.

I’m freezing! Where’s Ollies extra blanket?

Not for me, for Ollie! I am always cold, I’ve always got my blanket on when I’m at home but sometimes I get extra cold so even though Ollie is tucked up in the pram wearing a blanket, he needs another blanket because I’m freezing!? 


“I’m flipping boiling Momma!”

Oh my god what is Ollie eating? Get it out his mouth now that’s disgusting!

Guess what it was? Fruit! I bloody hate fruit (apart from bananas) so I refuse to poison my child. Haha. Ollie actually likes a lot of fruit but I just assume he’ll feel sick too. Shockingly, bananas are his favourite. In other words, the only fruit I encourage.

I need the toilet when we pass one… Pass me a nappy for Ollie.

I’m still peeing a lot, I don’t think I’m completely clear of pregnancy hormones or something! I go about 8 times a day, Dave goes twice. So I insist on changing Ollie’s dry nappies because I need a wee?! I know I’m a weirdo.

I also think I’m nasty when Ollie swims underwater because I’m scared of swimming underwater! The whole reason I take him swimming is because I don’t want him to be a wimp like me but because it would stress me out to swim underwater I worry that Ollie feels the same.

Oh and The Lion King is my favourite Disney film so obviously…


“Pretend to like Simba for my silly Momma!”

On a serious note it’s not all bad because certain aspects of my madness will teach him about routine! He already understands where wee wee goes because of my crazy ways! But some things, I admit, are just stupid!

Maybe, nobody is actually ‘just like their mom’ (or dad) it’s just that our parents parented themselves and we just create the next version of us!

Does anyone else parent themselves?