Screw You Kids!

I’ve got to be honest, my kids rarely annoy me.  I like being a mom and they contribute very little to my stress in life.


Sometimes I feel like saying “Screw you kids!”

I’m the Mom!

I’m the one who hangs out with them all day, does the nursery run, takes them to their little activities, gets all the paints out, vacuums three times a day, helps Ollie poo and wee on the toilet, takes them to the doctors, tries to sneak veg in their food, blah blah etc… I’m the Mom!

Then after a long day of being a lovely mom to them all day, bath time done pyjamas on and what does Ollie say, “Bye bye Mom!”

I get kicked out of his room.  Why?

Because Daddy is there now.  Ollie wants Daddy to put him to bed.  Thanks a lot kid.  Little Ted, who gets all the excited kicks and big smiles in the morning?  The one who has been up through the night feeding him?  Of course not.  Daaa Daaa Daaa! He shouts for Dave to come and pick him up.

You know what kids… Screw You!

That is how I feel temporarily, I tell them Momma is going back to work full time and having enough money for materialistic stuff and you two can stay with Daddy all day and say bye bye mom as much as you like.


Even though it is really annoying when they don’t want me after being there for them all day, it’s actually not that bad.

  1. It’s nice that they have a Dad willing to get involved and be part of their routine.  There are some piss of strip dads out there that don’t know which shampoo to use for babies and don’t know their kids favourite bedtime story so it’s nice that Dave is good with them.
  2. Actually it is helpful to have Dave there to put Ollie to bed while I feed Ted.  When he takes Ted in the morning and I get to sleep for an hour or so on my own it is the best patch of sleep I get so fine, bye bye Ted!
  3. Most importantly, the real reason these kids think they can fob me off, pick me up and drop me off when it suits them, is because they’ve already learnt that I’m secure.  We have secure attachments and they know that if I disappear at bedtime, it doesn’t matter because I’ll be back because I’m the Mom!

It is a good thing!  They have learnt that it is safe to leave me and it is safe to spend time with other family members.

So off you go kids, leave me to get some sleep.  you know I’ll still love you when you want to come back.