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Thank you to Charlotte who blogs at Sharky Knows for featuring on this week’s #WorkingMommas.
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First, tell me about your family and why you started to blog?

 My name is Charlotte, I’m 28 and have been married to my husband Owen for 6 years. We have a son called William who is 3 1/2 years old. We moved from Devon, England to Dubai, United Arab Emirates two years ago to start a new exciting life and are loving every minute!
I started my blog, Sharky Knows, around the time we got married. It’s been a great way of recording our life together and my hobbies and interests. My mother in law got me into blogging and I have found that my content has changed over the years along with out life adventures!

If you can discuss your job, what do you do and what was your career path that led to your job?

 Before I had my son William I was working as a Textiles Technician in a secondary school. It was a part time role, that I topped up by also working as a science technician.  I really enjoyed my job! I worked with a fantastic team and wonderful teachers. It was here I met my husband! I had many times where I considered furthering myself by doing a degree via distance learning and going into teaching but the time never quite felt right.
In 2011 my son William was born, I returned to work after 9 months. In 2013 we made the big decision to move to Dubai. My husband got a new job as head of technology at a private school there, and we decided I could become a stay at home mum until William was old enough to go to school.
This September, William will be nearly 4 years old and is starting school where my husband works. I have been lucky enough to get a part time teaching assistant job at the same school.

How old was your baby when you returned to work?

 9 months.

Who looks after your baby while you are at work?

 We found a fab child minder who lived just down the road from where we worked. She had a maximum of 3 children in her care at a time.

What did you hate about returning to work?

 At first I didn’t like the idea that someone else was spending all this wonderful time with my son. I thought maybe we would miss out on the special moments with him.

And what benefits have you seen as a result of returning to work?

 I love the fact that I still had something for myself, some time where I was just Charlotte, not mummy all the time. I had a job where I could spend time on my interests and get some adult company. It also made me appreciate the days off I had with William, making the most of them. Even though I was working, I felt more energised and excited to spend time with William on my days off.
Although I was hesitant about William spending so much time with someone else, it was actually a benefit. He learnt so much from the childminder he was with and learnt social skills with the other children there too. I think it’s important for children to feel safe with other adult company and not to be too dependant on you. I think this had a big part to play in how sociable and independent William is now!

What would you say to new moms who are feeling guilty about returning to work? 

 Try to keep in mind that you are trying to do what’s best for your children. Sure it would be fab if all mums could stay at home for a few years but this is not always possible. You are also setting a good example to your children by being hard working and helping to provide for your family. Trust your instinct when it comes to choosing child care. And most importantly, make the most of your time you do have together, maternity leave and your weekends!
Finally, what do you think about my idea… Maternity pay reflecting your working wage. So we scrap the standard £539 per month and you get paid your working wage for a year. It could be £200 it could be £1200, but it would encourage people to be secure before having children and would stop people getting paid in benefits to have children! It’s a dream world idea but it makes sense to me! 
 From an employees point of view, I think that’s a great idea. I believe that you should only add to your family if you can provide for them, in all ways including financially.
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