Sherwood Forest Adventure

We recently had a little mid week trip to Sherwood Forest. While we were there I decided that I wasn’t going to post anything on social media, we’d had a very stressful lead up to our little break which I’ll write about after this so I just wanted to switch off.

I know a lot of people love seeing Ollie and Ted’s adventures so I thought I’d go old school and write like I used to.

Number 3 holiday house

We stayed in a little cabin called Sherwood Hideaway and it literally was, we were hidden in the forest it was so peaceful. We had zero mobile signal, I couldn’t make a phone call but we did have free wifi which was mostly ok so I refreshed my blog and the boys could watch iPads and we just had a really chilled out time.

We started off each morning being outdoor geeks, we especially bought Trespass shoes haha and we had a ‘bike trailer ride’ as Ted called it every morning. We didn’t go too far, we did about 4km just off the site slightly in the woodlands and then we went back to the ‘holiday house’ as Ollie called it!

Bike trailer!

Each day we had a little late morning activity and then spent the afternoon lazing around in the cabin.

We did a woodland walk and found swings and swamps!

Ollie ruined his shoes!

Then we went to Sherwood Miniature Railway which they both absolutely loved. It was only £2 each for the ride and they were so happy, the were both allowed to blow the whistle which they keep talking about and then there was this “crappy” play area, most would say crap but I say ‘retro cool’ I actually thought it was really cool it was like a second hand shop of parks from my childhood! This tree!


When I was younger I went to a pub in (I think) north Wales near Barmouth and it was called something like the Yarington Inn, definitely began with a Y and it had a river running alongside it and this flipping tree. (If anyone knows what pub I mean please tell me, I wanna go back!)


Also had that classic helicopter climbing frame and various nostalgia so I thought it was like a cool museum, anyway it’s pretty cool for a mini adventure. My kids don’t like over the top days out they’re really happy with simple stuff. There was also a little gift/ snack shop so they had an ice cream on the way home.

If you know, you know enit 80s and 90s kids?!

Moving onto, this equally retro cool funfair. We spent £20 on tokens and Ollie went on a ghost train, Ted went on train. Then we all went on a little horse ride and caterpillar rollercoaster and motorbike ride. Not bad and they were so happy! This little funfair was right next to Sherwood visitor centre so then we had a woodland walk to the Major Oak and got an ice cream and finished that mini adventure by playing at the ‘Ninja Warrior UK’ playground – they were both so brave it was quite a big adventure playground but they just go for it.

I love a rickety old fair
Robin Hood’s tree
Ninja Warriors
Woodland walk!

In the afternoons we were happy staying in, it was so peaceful. We did pumpkins one of the days and I had a little drive to the nearest town and had a look round the shops. The boys were really good little mates, they’re like a little pack of wolves just lying together and rolling and running together. They were going to bed fairly early too which worked out well because we had a hot tub on our little patio.

“Can I put the fire in?” 😊

I didn’t want Ted to go in because infection risk and raising his temperature purposely is just stupid! Mine was 38.1 when I got out on one of the days! So then I didn’t really want Ollie going in because Ted wants to do everything Ollie does so it was our secret for when they were in bed. And it does say no under 4’s on the sign anyway! It was so relaxing being in a forest in a hot tub! We’re thinking we need one in the garden now.

Hot hot hot stuffff 😄

It was a very cheap little adventure too! I spent £41.50 on our outings and then we just had food shopping which I don’t count as an expense because we would’ve still had shopping if we stayed home and we had two takeaways which we spent £35 on two and got a lunch out of the leftovers!

Massive takeaway!

I was glad that we finally got away for a few days because we have been pretty confined to the house since Ted was diagnosed, we had one trip to Thomas Land that ended in A&E and one trip to Clacton just before this one which we left early to go to A&E so I’ve gotta say for someone who used to have at least 2 proper holidays and several small trips a year, I’m not really that into booking adventures anymore which is a shame because the boys love it but for me it is actually quite a stressful process.

The fake looking into the distance

Just the initial booking I have to make sure the place will be flexible in case we have to cancel last minute and then take out payment insurance in case something goes wrong and then get in touch with the nurse specialist and check its ok to leave and she then notifies the nearest cancer unit and gives me the details in case we have to go and the whole time I’m just thinking, ‘please don’t have to go!’ Ted had medicine 3 times a day so I was thinking please don’t lose that NG tube because I don’t think community nurses cover the forest! Certainly not our team!

I suppose that’s just #MomLife they’re happy in a holiday house going on bike trailers through the forest while I’m on standby to deal with the next round of bullshit! So I am glad they had a good time and I was tempted to re-book for next year because I think this kind of humble relaxing holiday is more suited to us… but I haven’t booked anything.

Forest geeks
My turn my turn!

Maybe when we get through year one of treatment…

Halloween friends ❤️